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Sharing My creative nonfiction essays and short stories with the world.

Hi, I’m Jade. I’m a writer, reader, mother, an aspiring professor, and home chef. I write both creative nonfiction and fiction and a few other things.

Finally….Degree Acquired!

Here we are, my college graduation. A day I’ve looked forward to my entire life.  As a kid, I dreamed of a life spent in libraries and bookstores. I hoped to become a writer and a professor and a lawyer. That last one is thanks to John Grisham. I didn’t know the major detour my […]

The Importance of Journaling: Caterpillar. Cocoon. Butterfly.

The Importance of Journaling: Caterpillar. Cocoon. Butterfly. I want to matter.  While trying to discover your future career, most people will give the same advice. They say ‘find out what you’re good at’ and ‘discover the reason why you want to do _x_ and see how you can do that.’ Upon years of reflection and […]

Counting the Tweets I Never Sent

. One of the mindful practices that I just started doing is what I like to call “Contributing Positively”. It basically means to make sure that what I post is beneficial during a certain time. Beneficial to me or to others. It can be in small or big ways. Just beneficial.  I know that I’m […]

Being Myself…with Grace

Heya, Today I took a ‘rest day’ from working out. Part of it is because I woke up late and part is because I don’t feel good. Just nauseous and hot flashes, boy don’t we love being women?  But I also feel good about it. When I first decided to take a rest day, I […]


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