Long Little While

You’d be surprised how much you missed something when you’ve been away for a while. I talked to someone recently about my love of reading and they mentioned how I should write reviews. I thought to myself ‘I do!’ but I knew that I hadn’t been consistent with writing them. I don’t think there is any real science behind it, I just think that my love for reading has suddenly outweighed my love for writing reviews.

Don’t get me wrong! I love love love to review novels but I just get so caught up in the stories that I end up reading the next novel and not writing the review. I have sooooo many book reviews to write. I’ve at least read 4 books a week for the last month and a half. Each of them will be getting a review, it’s just a matter of time.

I look forward to the long nights until I get them all done and I hope that you enjoy them.

I love feedback guys! If you hate my reviews, let me know! If you love my reviews, let me know! If you have read the book before, please…let me know and tell me how you felt about it!



Book Review: Opening Hearts by Iona Findley

Hey, all! I just finished reading this next story on Wattpad. I think I am in love with this website. I have found that it makes it so easy to grab the next story and sink my teeth in. I will continue to pull stories from this website. I believe that outing these great stories and sharing them with the world will help cultivate this new authors and incourage them to keep writing! Go Iona!

Opening Hearts is an easy hearfelt story about taking risks, trusting others and self-sacrifice. This is a cute little story about the changes that can happen in life and the good things that come out of them. I would recommend this story if you are looking for something easy and laid back to read. If you’re looking for rainy day stories, this is definitely something to curl up with.



With few risque parts, the author joins a soft romance with a firey passion. It’s a story where love knows no bounds and despite the dangers of life and fear of the unkown there is always a bright side. The plot is well rounded and steady through the story. Check out this story at the link below to follow the story of Jessalyn and Sam.


P.S. It made me pretty upset to realize the story that I read on Wattpad was actually a duplicate of the original one written by another author. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised as this does happen but gosh… Anyway, my review of this story still stands. I uploaded a link of the author’s page at the bottom.

Here’s the link to this story!



Book Review: His Queen by Amelia Wang

It seems to me that I have found more jewels in unedited and unplublished works on Wattpad than I initially thought. His Queen is definitely one of those hidden gems. Despite English not being the Author’s first language she has a flow to her writing that is unexpected. The story follows an interesting plot, one we’ve seen before but with an interesting twist.

I would say, maybe it was because I am a fast reader or possibly because I had time on my hands but it took me two days to finish this story. Every time I could I pulled up Wattpad and read this story despite having other unfinished novels to read. I would definitely recommend this story if you are looking to be introduced to something paranormal, romantic and fresh.



I also enjoyed her author notes in between the chapters (and sometimes in them). She is relatable and funny. Most of the time, if I see an author note I dont read it. I really just want to stay intuned to the story and not have to deal with whatever it is they are putting in between (snobbish I know…but I dont like to be interrupted when I read) but after the first one I read each insert.

I’m currently looking for new novels and new paranormal stories, I was definitely not disappointed by this story and will be checking out any other uploaded stories by this author.

Good Readance!


You can find this story at:



Book Review: Life’s Little Curve Ball by LaceAndDaisies


I must admit that reading this story did make me a little sad inside seeing as I just lost a child but it also made me happy. I was a little irritated with the main character female in the beginning of the story. I just wasn’t on her side at all. It might be because I was a little biased when it comes to first person novels but luckily I made it through. Eventually she grew on me, her love for her child maybe me smile and her determination to stay true to herself was relatable.


The main character guy was definitely my favorite person in the story! From the beginning he seemed like a great guy. He had his life together and knew where he wanted to go. I love his reaction to finding out he’s going to be a father and believe it’s not unlike most guys. He wasn’t perfect but the author did a really good job of creating someone we can root for and fall in love with.

I wasn’t very fond of her mother but she did seem to have some redeeming qualities there at the end. The bestfriend is what any girl in trouble could ask for! She was loyal, angry, supportive and even a little over the top and dramatic like bestfriends should be!

I’d definitely recommend!

The story can be found on the link I inserted below from Wattpad. I really love this new little website for new writers. You will definitely find a few real gems on there!



Book Review: Hitman In Love by KikiEmin


Ok, so I didn’t know this story was a homosexual story when I started reading it. I just read the title and I was like yes! I think this might be what I’m looking for. Now, I’m not into homosexual romance or erotica or anything like that but…the story was good.



The writer had made it known that there was some editing issues, as most WattPad writers/stories are unedited but I didn’t care. I read the story, despite the editing problems it was good. I could tell that at some parts it didn’t seem like English was the first language but it didn’t really matter. The plot seemed to be lacking a piece or two but I can definitely see where the writer is going. Now, I know it sounds like I’m trying to make allowances for the writer and I’m not. This genre of writing isn’t really my forte and yet I was still intrigued and interested in the story. That, in my book, should say a lot about the writer. Great job KikiEmin! I’m sure you have some more writing to do, more tweaking to do. Once the book is in a completed and full edited state I would have no problem going through and reading the story over again.

Warning, this story has some explicit detail (unknown at first), just wanted to warn you if you haven’t noticed already.