Final Review: Nobody’s Baby But Mine


I actually thoroughly enjoyed this full length novel, it’s about 400 pages long. Surprisingly it didn’t take me long at all to read it. I say surprisingly because I have been doing some major SLACKING in the reading area and it’s been taking me WAAAAAY too long to read books. This novel I finished over night (only took me about five and a half hours) and I didn’t put it down once from beginning to end. I wouldn’t say the book is some overly special, exotic work but I would say that it caught my attention and held it.

I thought it was completely hilarious that the MCF (Main Character Female) Dr. Jane Darling would try and have a baby with a great looking but very dumb man just so her child wouldn’t end up a genius like her. It seems like she does a few things throughout the book that could be said as logical but are really just plain stupid. She’s a full character, has a lot of depth but I must admit I didn’t like her as much as I liked Cal Bonner (MCM)’s grandmother Annie. She’s one of those old people that tell it like it is, knows what she’s talking about and maybe a little more of what she doesn’t. She’s definitely one of those in your face, catch you slipping, grabbing you by the ear kind of characters and I love it!

“I don’t want someone who’s intelligent fathering my child.” “I know that seems strange, but it’s very difficult for a child to grow up being smarter than everyone else.”-  Dr. Jane Darling

Another thing that I loved about this book, that I usually wouldn’t, is that they didn’t take too much stock in the setting. We didn’t have five pages of what a tree, or the house windows, or the grass looked like. She gave simple descriptions and that was really all you needed. I do believe the novel couldn’t been shorter. There were some parts that just seemed like they were unimportant but what book doesn’t have those? All in all the novel was pretty good.

“Tell me your SATs. You owe me that much.” – Dr. Jane Darling

“Maybe fourteen hundred, or somethin’ like that. Mighta been a little lower.” – Cal Bonner

“Don’t ever speak to me again.” – Dr. Jane Darling

“I never told you I was stupid. You just assumed.” – Cal Bonner

“You said ain’t! That first night we were together, you said ain’t twice!” – Dr. Jane Darling

“A little local color. I’m not apologizin’.” – Cal Bonner

I definitely give this book 7 stars! Yay!

Good Readance,


Nobody's Baby But Mine

Current Read: Nobody’s Baby But Mine


So I know that I did another review on a novel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips and honestly I had no intention of doing another by this author so soon. I found this novel in the Bargain Priced section of Barnes and Nobles (my second to favorite section) and was excited. The story plot seemed really good, or at least funny, and it was less than $5! I picked it up almost right away!

This novel is called Nobody’s Baby But Mine.


In her early thirties with no romantic prospects and no expectations of any, Dr. Jane Darling has decided to have a baby on her own. She’s a genius who spend her teen years attending college and her later years forming her career. Thinking that if she could just get pregnant by someone with more of a physical ego than an intelligent mind, her child won’t have to endure the horrors that she did as a child. However, legendary quarterback Cal Bonner (a man who only dates fifteen years his junior) seems to be a great deal more intelligent than she bargained for and also doesn’t take kindly to her schemes to get pregnant. One quick marriage, move across america and new car later this odd couple was doomed from the start; or were they?

Good Readance,


Nobody's Baby But Mine

Final Review: Match Me If You Can (SPOILER)


I did like this audio book…more so in the beginning than in the end. You know when you have that character that has always been adorable, sweet, and honest throughout the entire story? The main character female is like that. Unfortunately, the script flips really quick. I’m not one that always needs my heroines to be strong, straightforward and independent but I hate it when they are too dramatized. This main character goes from being an adorably, completely orthodox redhead with a bad case of awkwardness to emotionally helpless.

She spends the last few chapters of the book mopping over someone who is actually in love with her but she’s too stuck in her own mind to see it. Yes, in the beginning he was looking for a wife who “complemented” him but in the end he’d truly fallen in love. After apologizing and even speaking the golden words “I LOVE YOU” she still wouldn’t give in. He’d been honest, completely abandoned all that made him up as a person just to show that he truly wanted to marry her and she still refused to believe.


She then began doing that thing that annoys me beyond all outs. She started giving him reasons, excuses really, of why he just COULDN’T love her. Her hair was too bad and curly, she wasn’t as beautiful as his other modeling candidates and they barely got along. These, while possibly true, made me totally turn off from the novel. I felt that he’d already paid his penance and he’d already ‘begged’ her back. Now he has to convince her that all her horrible attributes were the exact reasons he fell in love with her? I could barely finish the rest of the novel. The author just took it too far and it fell out of the realm of reality.

Only once she’s run away again and taken advice from someone she would have NEVER previously listen to does she finally give in. The reason she gives in to marrying him doesn’t fit into the scene or story plot either. Yes, it hinted as something resembling a previous conflict but it didn’t OVERSHADOW him loving her and proving it.

I would recommend audio books but I’m on the fence as to whether I’d really recommend this to someone!

I’d give Match Me If You Can three stars.

Jade Jemison

Initial Review: Match Me If You Can


Since I’ve already begun to “listen” to the novel I thought I’d drop a quick initial review. I like it so far. There were some parts that were a little boring but that might’ve been just because I was on a sort of two hour road trip. The reader, Anna Fields, is great! Her many different voices, her smooth cadence and expressive tones are really fun to listen to. Her impression of one character, Brody, is just fantastic with how deep it is. The husky tones of one Portia from a competing match making service is even better! The details are amazing. Susan Elizabeth Phillips has impressed me before with her metaphors.    If I am able to gather a quote for the final review I’ll show exactly what I mean!

I’m glad I decided to show this book and am excited to complete it. If anyone has this novel or the audio feel free to tell me your thoughts!!

Currently Enjoying!

Jade Elyzabeth

Match Me If You Can

Current Read: Match Me If You Can!

Hey Guys!

I decided to do something a little different this time. I’ve never actually listened to an audio book! While walking through The Dusty Bookshelf in Lawrence, Kansas I decided to snag one for myself. I chose a novel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips called Match Me If You Can. Of course this novel is taking a shorter amount of time to complete. I’ve been listening to it while packing my apartment things and cleaning.

One of the funniest things about audio books is that the woman who reads the novel uses different speaking voices. It really cracks me up how she does her manly voices. Yes, I must stay I was strongly misguided in my opinion of audio books and I might just do a few of them for reviews.

Match Me If You Can

Thanks guys!

Jade Elyzabeth