What Books Do You Like?

Hi all!

I would love to know what you guys are reading! I really want to know!!

Do you like romance, mystery, paranormal, thriller, non-fiction, biographies, comics, graphic novels, sci-fi or even erotica? It’d be fun to see how many people like the same novels and if you’ve read any of the same books!

Comment and join in the fun!

Jade Elyzabeth

Movie Review: Star Wars; The Force Awakens- No Spoilers

Star Wars Fans Unite!!! Oh, wait…is that power rangers? Idk…

So I recently went on a date with my guy to see the new Star Wars Movie and it was deliciously magnificent. I have always been a really big fan of sci-fi movies and things of that nature, especially when there is some kind of romance involved. I’ve always been interested in the series books in the sci-fi section in the library, I just never really could get out from under the romance novels. Star Wars and Star Trek (old and new versions of shows/movies) have always sort of been my thing. I think going to see this movie renewed my love. Another movie hadn’t been out in so long that I almost forgot who Han Solo was (HOW!?!?!?) but I didn’t. I loved the newest installment. It renewed my faith in sci-fi cinema. I really loved the hair styles (obviously), the fashion, the graphics, the worlds, the story plot. To know that the story will be continuing is like…heaven!



I am actually glad that they chose new actors for the movie. Of course Harrison Ford was there and I love him! I just was taken away by the cinematography of the movie. Please, if you plan to keep doing things this way bring on the next movies!! You will have a fan in me! I would definitely recommend going to see this movie. I would recommend seeing it even if you weren’t a fan the first time around! It’s just that good. 🙂