Reading Anticipation

I did it!!!

I finally got the new book by Lynsay Sands, Runaway Vampire. I’m so excited. I started reading it last night and am already about 150 pages in. I am still going to be reading the other books that I’m planning to review I just…have…to…read…now!

Do you ever get that anxiety when you’re about to read a new book that you’ve waited so long for. It’s like…will it be good, will it be bad? FREAK OUT MODE!!!! I have, especially if I’ve read another book by the same author that I didnt like as much.

I love when the new book sneaks up on me though. I am not really fond of surprises (they embarrass me lol) but when I’m walking through the book store, Walmart or Publx and suddenly there, on the shelf, a new novel awaits. Yes!! As you can tell, finding new books makes me ecstatic and mushy! I wont give anything away but let’s say that I’m enjoying what I’ve read so far.

Good Readance


Book Review: Opening Hearts by Iona Findley

Hey, all! I just finished reading this next story on Wattpad. I think I am in love with this website. I have found that it makes it so easy to grab the next story and sink my teeth in. I will continue to pull stories from this website. I believe that outing these great stories and sharing them with the world will help cultivate this new authors and incourage them to keep writing! Go Iona!

Opening Hearts is an easy hearfelt story about taking risks, trusting others and self-sacrifice. This is a cute little story about the changes that can happen in life and the good things that come out of them. I would recommend this story if you are looking for something easy and laid back to read. If you’re looking for rainy day stories, this is definitely something to curl up with.



With few risque parts, the author joins a soft romance with a firey passion. It’s a story where love knows no bounds and despite the dangers of life and fear of the unkown there is always a bright side. The plot is well rounded and steady through the story. Check out this story at the link below to follow the story of Jessalyn and Sam.


P.S. It made me pretty upset to realize the story that I read on Wattpad was actually a duplicate of the original one written by another author. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised as this does happen but gosh… Anyway, my review of this story still stands. I uploaded a link of the author’s page at the bottom.

Here’s the link to this story!

What Books Do You Like?

Hi all!

I would love to know what you guys are reading! I really want to know!!

Do you like romance, mystery, paranormal, thriller, non-fiction, biographies, comics, graphic novels, sci-fi or even erotica? It’d be fun to see how many people like the same novels and if you’ve read any of the same books!

Comment and join in the fun!

Jade Elyzabeth

Book Review: Kill Without Mercy by Alexandra Ivy

Hey guys!

I’ve read a lot of books lately and unfortunately I haven’t been able to bang out the reviews the way i want. Luckily, tonight has been a very good night for me so please expect a few more awesome reviews than usual!

I thought this was a great novel to an extent. I was definitely interested in Rafe in this novel. His character was loving, straight forward, hard around the edges but also hard in the inside (unlike a lot that i’ve seen as of late). This is another novel (in addition to the previous review) that had a bunch of sex in it. I mean…when i say pages and pages, I mean…paaaaaaages. I mean one time I covered my face a little and just skipped until at least they had their clothes back on.

Kill Without Mercy By Alexandra Ivy

I disliked the main character female. I just couldn’t deal with her. She annoyed me thoroughly. I just wanted to tell her to shut up a lot. I just couldn’t get her constant “crying”. She is like a 24 year old acting like a 3 year old and it frustrated me. I’ve dealt with some of the issues she goes through in the beginning of the novel and I just felt like saying “Girl!! Get over it!”

Anyway, if you have read this novel and you DID enjoy it let me know!

Jade Elyzabeth


Book Reviews: Wicked Lies by Lora Leigh


So, I wouldn’t say that I am disappointed…I think that I just say that my tastes weren’t satisfied. I read a book by Lora Leigh recently. I was not at all impressed. It actually frustrated me a little bit. I just couldn’t figure out what I disliked about the novel. I mean yes, I completely expected there to be a lot of sex. I mean, it isn’t just a ROMANCE novel but also a DESIRE novel but…I was surprised. The actual plot of the story seemed to be overtaken by the constant ‘doing it’ of the characters.


I will say that if you are trying to pick up a naughty book for a long flight (wait…what?) or if you want to pick up a sexy something for the beach this is the book for you. There is so much sex here and such deep description could this book be said or rated as erotica? I think that it could be.

I would not recommend this novel but if any of you have read this novel please tell me your thoughts? Did you like it? Did you believe the chemistry between Jazz and Annie? Don’t let me change your opinion! Let me know!

Jade Elyzabeth



Book Review: When In Rome by Cara McKenna


Here, I come to you with yet…another…heart warming…story. I absolutely love it. It’s short, it’s sweet, it’s heartfelt and honest. I love the toss of the two main characters and how in-depth they are despite the fact that the novel is so short. Cara flowed from one cozy chapter to the next and I felt I could have continued the novel between Amy and Jens further than the pages. It actually seemed different than the other Harlequin novels that I’ve read.

Usually the “billionaire’s” money is the forefront of the story some how. ‘A young woman down on her luck’, ‘a man who never had anything’ or ‘a man who has it all and can afford to be an ass’ seems to be the ideal story. I like how Cara did something different. She acknowledged it as the catalyst to their meeting but didn’t let it usurp the story.

Thanks McKenna for another great romance, this was a great way to start off 2016!


Hello Again! I’m back!

Hey all!

So, I’m sorry that I haven’t been on here for a few months. My life has been hard these last few weeks. I was in a happy phase of my life, reading books, working, making plans for the future and being with my guy. Then everything took a turn for the crazy. I found out I was pregnant in August and outside of the usual surprise and terrifying thoughts I was happy. My guy was reserved and eventually happy and we began making plans for our future together and that of our child.

8 weeks into my pregnancy I had to rush to the ER due to severe bleeding. I thought I’d had a miscarriage but instead it turned out I was diagnosed with SCH. It’s a Subchrionic Hematoma. It happens basically when the placenta slightly detaches from the uterus. I was so scared and I cried alot. This was pretty consistent over the next three weeks. I was in and out of the ER and finally the last time I went I was told that my child had died; that I had miscarried. I don’t know if any of you have ever experienced it but it was the most devastating thing I’ve ever had happened. I’m still grieving now and it’s been the wildest turn of events that are still effecting me. I hadn’t read any books, I hadn’t written any of my new novel, I really hadn’t done much of anything.

While I was pregnant I had started a Youtube pregnancy and natural hair vlog, I have since turned it just into my natural hair blog but I will insert the links below so you guys can check them out or any future uploads. It was indeed an outlet for me. I have slowly been picking the pieces of my life back up. I moved into a new apartment, I just enrolled at Aveda Institute and made plans for my future. Despite the grief and the hurt of the miscarriage my guy and I are stronger than ever. I’ve read a few books since then and I’ve even reached out to a few guest writers to do a book review for the site! I am determined to heal and not let my emotional state stop me from doing the things I love!

Please be patient with me! I will be uploading more reviews and posts soon! Be prepared to see more of me!

Natural Hair Vlog!!

The Pregnancy Vlog- from start to finish



Spoilers and Apologies!

Hi All,

One thing that I forgot to mention in my last post about my blog being under construction is spoilers. I am not sure if you would classify some of the things that I stated in my previous reviews as “spoilers” but if I have done some I most completely and wholeheartedly apologize! I apologize to the readers for “spoiling the novel” and also to the author for spilling the beans!

So, to add, I will make sure that any future reviews will be beautifully crafted to NOT throw the end in the review!

I believe that I’ve now filled my apology quota for the month! 🙂


Blog Under Great Construction

Hi All!

So, after doing some extensive research and soul searching I decided to make some changes to the blog. I had some great ideas at first but then after spending some time away I wanted to change all that! I really hope you don’t mind.

As you know, I love to read! I have been reading novel since I was a small child. I’ve always wanted to do something with writing and reading. Now that I’ve started in this avenue of my life I’ve been so happy. Only, it’s hard to keep with the formatting that I’ve been doing. Now, I’m not going to change the reviews or the posts that I’ve already made. I feel it’s important that you guys see my initial regurgitation of  thought. However…I hope you like the new plan!

First, I’m going to get rid of the “Current Read” posts. I figured it will help me stay more focused and lessen the pressure in my mind to finish the book as quickly as inhumanly possible.

Second, I’m going to get rid of the “Initial Review” posts. I know that it’s always great to know what someone thought of a novel from the beginning. Honestly, I should be able to do this in the final review! I also believe it will help with the progression of the review itself as you read! So…goodbye “Initial Review” posts!

Third, I’m going to get rid of the review system that I set up. What I’ve found in the reviews that I’ve already done is that it’s hard to stay in the system when I have mixed views on a novel. Just because if I disliked a book in the beginning and might have given it a lower score and then liked it alot in the end it’s hard for me to really decide which one that gets. So…fly away reviewing system!

I do want to keep the random facts about me and in between posts though! I want you to know my voice, know where I’m coming from when I’m sharing an opinion and all together have a broader experience as a subscriber!

I really hope you enjoy the changes and would appreciate if you like, comment or subscribe to my blog! It will help me greatly and I love to read so I will definitely take in your suggestions!


Current Read: The Blackstone Heir


I thought I’d do a round of small romance novels! You know, the ones that are very short and are usually headed by Harlequin? I just recently came across a few that were really good and were in the same theme but had some really good storylines to them. Since they are so short I’ll do a quick little review for them and move on!

The first book I’ve decided to read is The Blackstone Heir by Dani Wade.


In this story a southern millionaire and a beautiful waitress meet and have the most passionate of affairs. From this, a cute little blonde haired boy is derived. However, going on the run was the mother’s only option to keep her baby safe; and his father in the dark!

Good Readance,


The Black Stone Heir