Taking A Break From Social Media

So I’ve discovered that the hardest thing to do is find time between work, school, luxury and hobbies. It’s hard because now there are so many other things taking up our time and mind. I’ve seen so many studies, and I wont go into the gory details, about how much time we, as humans, spend on our phones. It doesn’t only include phones though! Many people like to lift their noses and say “Well, I don’t spend all day on my phone!” or “I put my phone down during dinner.” It’s not just that. There are TV’s, Mac/laptops, tablets, IPads and now even watches that take away from our quality time with each other.


I am no different. I spend a lot of my time surfing the internet, trudging through Facebook or taking selfies for my Instagram or Snapchat accounts (those to be listed below!). After seeing a post, that was completely ridiculous, on FB I actually sat and thought about the time that I spend using these medias. Then, after spending a few days reading a book because I was so distracted, I decided to take a break. I need to get more reading done, so I can get more reviews done! Yay (aren’t you excited!?)!! I want to watch more movies and tv shows. I want to take longer walks without checking my phone as soon as I get home to see if anyone liked a status. I also want to find my center and start doing yoga more. I definitely used to do it a lot but have seriously been slacking on that front!

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From 4/24/2017 until 5/24/2017 I am doing, what I call, the Break Free From Media experiment (#BreakFreeFromMedia or #BFFM!). You may wonder why it’s an experiment or why it seems like a big deal but it truly is for me! After moving to my area just over a year ago I still feel like I haven’t completely incorporated myself into the “scene”. Using social media is definitely a way I bridge that gap.

I will only be using this site (as it’s my review blog and not what I would call social media…weird I know) and my professional Instagram page (which is obviously for professional purposes only). You guys should make this move with me!! Would you take a break from your social media? Or do you believe you can’t live without it? Let me know what you think!


P.S. My anniversary with my guys is coming up soon…boy am I excited!

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Book Review: The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by this novel. Not because I dislike Nicholas Sparks and not because I’m not privy to cowboy romance but because it read beautifully. Now, you might say that a well written novel comes as no surprise from an author like Nicholas Sparks. You might say that this is something you would expect from him. You might even say that the novel turned cinema aspect should already give some insight into the greatest of this novel. I say, I try and look at each book written as a stand alone novel. Just because the first two or three novels in a series were great or just because an author has a plethora of best sellers under his belt doesn’t exactly mean that he will continue to wow.

I must say that there were a few moments when I thought the novel was entirely too long. I admit there were a few places where I wanted to skip ahead and get to the next tasty morsel. Overall the novel is a great read, a good romance and could fit in a category of “must read”‘s. It wasn’t bogged down with repetitive words, sentences or descriptions that stretched on and on.

The structuring of the novel seems like it would be confusing as it is told with chapter headings from different perspectives. I didn’t have a hard time jumping back and forth. The author really integrating each section into the next regardless of whose eyes we were looking through. The end did have a sort of choppy like separation. It seemed a little rushed, as if to just complete the novel. I saw one or two moments when the book could have ended and the reader would’ve been just as satisfied.

I look forward to reading more novels by Nicholas Sparks!


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