Cherchez La Vie December 2019

Goals! Goals! Goals! *to the beat of the SHOTS song*

Here is my quick Goals list for the first 6 months of 2020. I’m really excited because I have some great ones that I’ve already been putting into practice with my ideas from the 31 Days of Introspection.

I want to implement the “2 Day Rule”. This means that I can’t go more than 2 days without doing something towards my goals. I’ll put 2DR next to the other goals that must apply to this.

1. Meditation! I want to make sure that I am taking time out of my day to meditate and center myself. One of the great things to come out of the 31 Days of Introspection is learning all I could about releasing stress and calming myself before I freak out. 2DR.

2. “Schedule” class prioress for my online classes. One thing that I realized about myself is that I need to have specific times for each class. Just as if I would go to a Face to Face class, I need to say Tuesdays at 10 am I am going to work on Theory and Practice. At 11 am…etc. This will help me stay focused!

3. Gym LIFE!!! I currently weigh less than I did when I was pregnant with Naomi. However, I’m almost 20lbs more than I was when I first moved to Orlando. I actually thought I was on the heavier side back then and it surprises me to look back and find that I wasn’t fat at all and almost had a flat (albeit flabby) stomach. In all seriousness, I’d like to get back to that size. That’s a big feat though. So I’m hoping for 15lbs in the first 6 months of 2020. I want to tone. I would like to get rid of the ‘pregnant’ look, even when bloated. I actually just bought an ab roller today.

4. Stick to my nightly 10 Minute Clean Up. I want to make sure I’m keeping the apartment clean and tidy as much as I can. Doing this nightly clean up will help me stay focused and remember why I wanted to become a minimalist in the first place. 2DR.

5. Read!!! I want to make sure that I take time to read every single day. Being a full time student and a mom means I often have less time to read when I’m in the thick of a semester. I’m including both physical books and audio books into this! I love using Overdrive to get free kindle books through my library. I am also lucky that our library system delivers. I don’t have to leave my house if I am unable to! 2DR.

What are your goals for 2020? Any resolutions that are life changing? New career? Weight Loss?

Good Readdance,


Endings and Resolutions

Hey all!

As I sort of touched on in my last book review, I’ve come to notice that so many novels have been resolving everything that went wrong during the story by the end. It’s as if after the book is over, everything that gave the characters meaning, conflict or adversity has been solved and they can go on to live completely happy but boring existences. I have never really noticed how much I disliked this until I began brainstorming for my latest novel.

So you understand my crazy brain, I’ll give you a made-up example (not related to any current book in anyway):

Girl’s parents hate guy, girls schooling is too expensive to pay for, girl gets guy but has trust issues, girl pushes guy away and he moves out of state, girl was supposed to get promotion at work but coworker stole her project, etc.

Then by the end of the book the character suddenly is the most well rounded, responsibly stable and put together human being recorded in American History.

Girl’s parents realize guy isn’t so bad, girl finds out she can get full ride scholarship, girl learns she must trust despite past experiences, guy comes back because he realizes he loves her, coworkers cheating is brought to light, etc.

I just at some point would like that a few of these things not be resolved. Give the reader some hope for the characters future. Yes, she may still have problems but the main conflict surrounding the book has been resolved. Maybe in some ways there is no future for certain parts in her life.

Girl’s parents still dislike guy but are willing to be cordial, girl still can’t afford to go to school but the new promotion at work (due to coworkers cheating being brought to light) will go along way toward paying off her debt after she withdrew and for final resolution despite her trust issues guy comes back into her life and is willing to help her unseal her guarded heart.

BAM!!! Now, I don’t know if you guys have ever thought of it this way, would want it to be this way or IF YOU EVEN CARE but I think I like the third a lot better than the second. I can finish this book knowing that the love story will continue, the guy (who has come back into her life) can eventually warm up to her parents and she had some resolution with school and work. I don’t all of a sudden feel like she figured her entire life out in 269 pages.

Granted, I said my crazy brain because I obviously think so hardcore about stuff like this. Let me know your thoughts! Have you ever noticed this in romance novels? Does it bug you or does it not matter?

Much Peace and Love,