Reviews by Other Readers/Writers

Hi all!

So I’ve been thinking and I finally decided to do it! I’m going to have a category on my blog where you can read book reviews by other readers and writers. I think that this will definitely help you guys broaden your horizons with different books that I haven’t read yet or that I missed. I plan to do some featured reviews (people that I asked specifically to write a review for me) and also follower reviews (these are reviews that are sent to me to be featured!

If you have any reviews that you would like to be featured on my blog please send me a message, write a comment or send me your contact information and I will reach out to you. This could very well be a  fun thing for everyone!!

I will also add the link to featured blogs or social media so that you can check out any other reviews by that reader! I look forward to meeting more reviewers!


Spoilers and Apologies!

Hi All,

One thing that I forgot to mention in my last post about my blog being under construction is spoilers. I am not sure if you would classify some of the things that I stated in my previous reviews as “spoilers” but if I have done some I most completely and wholeheartedly apologize! I apologize to the readers for “spoiling the novel” and also to the author for spilling the beans!

So, to add, I will make sure that any future reviews will be beautifully crafted to NOT throw the end in the review!

I believe that I’ve now filled my apology quota for the month! 🙂