Book Review: Shadow Rider by Christine Feehan

Hey guys! So I have a weird review to write today. I was not really a fan of this novel. In my honest opinion, I would not recommend it for anyone to read. This is the first novel of the Shadow series and I believe the newest Christine Feehan novel.

I’m not sure if the reason I disliked the novel was because I just went through a victim and domestic abuse class or something else but it seems pretty logical. I spent almost the entire novel cringing at how often the relationship reminded me of Stockholm Syndrome, verbal abuse and uncontrollable behavior. Stefano spent most of the book threatening to chase her down if she tried to leave, threatening to tear anyone’s head off should they dare to look at her for too long or having his family members chase her around.

Hey, I understand that she was scared and that she needed to be protected but gosh…like, can a girl breathe? At one point, he even told her that she could feel free to speak her mind but it wouldn’t matter because he’d do what he wanted. I also understand that since the Fifty Shades of Grey women came out of the woodworks, “romance” authors are starting to make their alpha men even more controlling and strong willed. They have to feed into the fantasies of the women who want to be dominated, told what to do and forced to stay.

I am not one of these women.


The actual story plot seems to have a very great foundation. It does seem like it has a lot going on, though. It’s as if someone took a jumble of ideas, narrowed them down to…100 bullet points and crammed them into one novel. I like the idea of shadow riding and using the tubes but…I’m not sure, its something about it that’s just…too much.

If you’ve read this novel, please let me know how you felt. Did you get the same vibes I did or were you completely taken away by the novel?

Tell me, tell me!!!


Book Review: Chesapeake Bay Series by Nora Roberts

Hey all!!

I just read the first two romance novels in this series. It is a very beautiful series. I have cried several times reading it but then again, I am a very emotional woman. The series circles around the Quinn brothers, kind of a catch all family for the unwanted, the sold and the broken. Often times, I wonder how some authors come up with the basics for these stories.



Ethan’s back story (Rising Tides) really hurt my heart. I can identify with his unease around strangers and the want to be somewhere comfortable. The raw emotions he emits tear you up inside. Nora’s descriptions really sell these men as if they were living and breathing beings.  Cameron’s (Sea Swept) made me laugh and I also understand how it feels to be used and abused. His anger towards his adopted father and yet grief at his sudden death is felt through the pages. I’m currently reading Philip’s story (Inner Harbor) and I’ve cried in the last chapter. His charming personality hides an inner turmoil that makes you laugh but also wonder what he’s really thinking.




Nora Roberts plucks at the heartstrings in each story she tells in this series. She’s found a way to wrap the Quinn brothers around your fingers and make you fall in love with them. I didn’t know there was a fourth book in these series until I looked up the covers to do the review. I will definitely be acquiring that as soon as I finish Inner Harbor! Will this be Seth Quinns story? Who will it be!? I’m excited to find out.




Long Little While

You’d be surprised how much you missed something when you’ve been away for a while. I talked to someone recently about my love of reading and they mentioned how I should write reviews. I thought to myself ‘I do!’ but I knew that I hadn’t been consistent with writing them. I don’t think there is any real science behind it, I just think that my love for reading has suddenly outweighed my love for writing reviews.

Don’t get me wrong! I love love love to review novels but I just get so caught up in the stories that I end up reading the next novel and not writing the review. I have sooooo many book reviews to write. I’ve at least read 4 books a week for the last month and a half. Each of them will be getting a review, it’s just a matter of time.

I look forward to the long nights until I get them all done and I hope that you enjoy them.

I love feedback guys! If you hate my reviews, let me know! If you love my reviews, let me know! If you have read the book before, please…let me know and tell me how you felt about it!



Book Review: Loves Music, Loves To Dance by Mary Higgins Clark


So I am beyond excited to do a review on this novel! When I was in private school I found myself as a definite outcast amongst the other students. You might say that it was because I didn’t come from a rich family like many of the others and that i just didn’t relate to them in anyway. The honest answer is just that I was very shy back then. I didn’t really know a lot of people and wasn’t very good at making friends.

You might’ve guessed, I spent most of my childhood with my nose stuck in chapter books. The majority of the books I read were romance novels. I  was caught up in the whirlwind of what it meant to be in love, the tug and war of the relationships and how the heart comes together. Then it was like the flood gates of everything amazing opened and rained down on me. I came across a novel by Agatha Christie and my heart swelled. All things mysterious, intriguing and thriller flowed out. I was referred to read Mary Higgins Clark by a teacher and I was skeptical. Agatha was the only step I’d taken to broadening my horizons and I balked at the idea.


I fell in love with her style of writing. I had no idea what I was in store for. A few days ago I found one of her novels in a thrift store and I instantly knew I had to buy it! The story was one of my favorite in all of the books and genres I’ve ever read. The entire time I was on the edge of my seat. I literally jumped up, screamed and did a little dance when the killer was revealed. It was a really great story!

It was basically like reliving my childhood, curling up and unable to put the book down. I was angry, at one point, that the other characters in the story weren’t paying attention. I screamed “pay attention” at least ten times! To my hearts content, there was even a romantic storyline at play!

You have got to read this novel!

Good Readdance!


Book Review: Renegade by J.A. Sounders

Hey all! I’ve been away for a while so I figured I’d come back and do all the reviews for the books I’ve been reading over these last few months. I was looking through the Orlando paper and I saw that it has really great  suggestions for fun things to do in Orlando. Most of the events are very low priced but alot of them are totally free!! Anyway, so I found out that there was a Book Convention going on at the library and I just HAD to check it out!

Once there, I walked around and talked with a few of the authors that were there. Most of them I hadn’t heard of. I was just leaving when I walked past J.A. Sounder’s table. I had been by earlier in the day when the writers hadn’t arrived yet and was instantly drawn to her cover. Brandished on the table was a note saying “Free novel…just come say hi!” and OF COURSE that was a hook, line AND sinker! So I stopped by, quite oddly I might add, and she said hello. She was super nice and I introduced myself.


She gave me a book for free just as the sign said! After signing it, she gave a big smile and I knew it’d be the first one I’d read out of all the books I’d bought that day! I saw in the cover that this was the first book she’d written and instantly I was worried. I wasn’t sure what to expect and for some reason wasn’t feeling like being all that adventurous! Boy, was I in for a great surprise!


Now, on for the review. I absolutely loved the novel! It was crazy, it was filled with gore, it was filled with blood and fighting! As most people know, I am a sucker for romance! It had a great romance plot, one that I was on board with the entire time! I loved this new world that the author formed! The beauty of it just made me want to go there, not to get killed of course but to be under the ocean and watch the fish swim by. I wanted to go through Evie’s garden and take the tube from one sector to another. The story is very well crafted and thought out. It was filled with mystery, intrigue and true eye-opening surprise. It took me less than a few days to read this novel because I did NOT want to put it down at all. I was hooked from the first chapter!



It seems like the further I got into the book I kept wondering why no one has snatched this novel up yet. It has everything that you’d want to see before you. I mean come on people!!! After all of these other novels turned major motion pictures!? Why has no one made a movie out of this story yet? Where is the screen play? Where is the great following? If I’m so excited about this YA  novel that so should you be! Ugh…it actually seems weird to me how much I loved it. I can’t wait until I get the second sequel. I believe it’s called Revelations? I’ll have to check it out. I can’t wait to see what is next for Evie!

Thank you J.A. Sounders for catching my eye and thank you for being a great writer! I definitely look forward to the next book and sharing a review of that one as well! Below you can find a link to her page, a few links to where you can buy the book.

Have you already read this book? Let me know what you thought, if you enjoyed it and how you felt! I would love to know!

Jade Elyzabeth

P.S. Stick around, I have more reviews coming up soon!



J.A. Sounders’ Author page:

Splash: Jessica Souders

Where Can You Buy It?:



Book Reviews: Wicked Lies by Lora Leigh


So, I wouldn’t say that I am disappointed…I think that I just say that my tastes weren’t satisfied. I read a book by Lora Leigh recently. I was not at all impressed. It actually frustrated me a little bit. I just couldn’t figure out what I disliked about the novel. I mean yes, I completely expected there to be a lot of sex. I mean, it isn’t just a ROMANCE novel but also a DESIRE novel but…I was surprised. The actual plot of the story seemed to be overtaken by the constant ‘doing it’ of the characters.


I will say that if you are trying to pick up a naughty book for a long flight (wait…what?) or if you want to pick up a sexy something for the beach this is the book for you. There is so much sex here and such deep description could this book be said or rated as erotica? I think that it could be.

I would not recommend this novel but if any of you have read this novel please tell me your thoughts? Did you like it? Did you believe the chemistry between Jazz and Annie? Don’t let me change your opinion! Let me know!

Jade Elyzabeth



Blog Under Great Construction

Hi All!

So, after doing some extensive research and soul searching I decided to make some changes to the blog. I had some great ideas at first but then after spending some time away I wanted to change all that! I really hope you don’t mind.

As you know, I love to read! I have been reading novel since I was a small child. I’ve always wanted to do something with writing and reading. Now that I’ve started in this avenue of my life I’ve been so happy. Only, it’s hard to keep with the formatting that I’ve been doing. Now, I’m not going to change the reviews or the posts that I’ve already made. I feel it’s important that you guys see my initial regurgitation of  thought. However…I hope you like the new plan!

First, I’m going to get rid of the “Current Read” posts. I figured it will help me stay more focused and lessen the pressure in my mind to finish the book as quickly as inhumanly possible.

Second, I’m going to get rid of the “Initial Review” posts. I know that it’s always great to know what someone thought of a novel from the beginning. Honestly, I should be able to do this in the final review! I also believe it will help with the progression of the review itself as you read! So…goodbye “Initial Review” posts!

Third, I’m going to get rid of the review system that I set up. What I’ve found in the reviews that I’ve already done is that it’s hard to stay in the system when I have mixed views on a novel. Just because if I disliked a book in the beginning and might have given it a lower score and then liked it alot in the end it’s hard for me to really decide which one that gets. So…fly away reviewing system!

I do want to keep the random facts about me and in between posts though! I want you to know my voice, know where I’m coming from when I’m sharing an opinion and all together have a broader experience as a subscriber!

I really hope you enjoy the changes and would appreciate if you like, comment or subscribe to my blog! It will help me greatly and I love to read so I will definitely take in your suggestions!


Current Read: Killing Floor!

Hi guys,

As i muddle further into this book reviewing thing, I realize it’s not as fun or as easy as it seems. Deciding which book to read is hard! Being in a bookstore is definitely like being a kid in a candy store! I am looking forward to reading a new book and gaining new experience.

I decided to do a new book that was outside of my genre! I don’t usually change things but I don’t mind trying something new! I’m actually not sure which genre this book falls into and i’m not going to look it up. Tomorrow I’ll jump head first right in!

Since most people have probably seen the Jack Reacher movie that came out in 2012 I’m going to do one of the novels. If you haven’t see it please do! It’s a very good movie! I’m reading the first novel (as it shows on the cover below!!). It’s called Killing Floor and I bought it today at Barnes and Nobles! It was almost the first book that I picked up (more like the third) but once I saw it I immediately knew I want to read it!


The book tells a tale of Jack Reacher, an ex-military policeman, who arrives in Georgia. He gets arrested for murder and is definitely innocent, well, at least this time. Can he prove he didn’t kill anyone? I don’t know! I’ll read and find out!

Happy Reading


Lee Child's Killing Floor
Lee Child’s Killing Floor

Food for Thought


One of the things I definitely look forward to in a book in unpredictability. Many times I find that I am unsurprised, disinterested and bored while reading. You could say that I might try a genre change but instead I strive to look for more engaging books. I understand that finding an original romantic story plot without venturing into the paranormal is hard but please, try?

I had hoped that I could be one of the many authors that really inspires others to write but time will surely tell. Here are a list of authors that inspire me, drive me to do better or just write a great story:

Lynsay Sands

Julie Garwood

James Patterson

Lora Leigh

Nicholas Sparks

Jayne Anne Krents

Meg Cabot

Susan Mallory

Sarah Dessen

Stephen King

Philip Pullman

John Grisham

Agatha Christie

Mary Higgins Clark

Nora Roberts

Alexandra Ivy

Caris Roane (new found love!)

Tina Wainscott (Jaime Rush)

This was all that I could think of off the top of my head but once I gather together more brain food I’ll add more!!


Current Read: In Bed With A Highlander!


So, I decided to start off the blog with a book very much apart of my own genre. It’s called In Bed with a Highlander by Maya Banks. I am definitely willing to read and review a large variety of genres but I want to at least start in my own. Granted, I read romance novels (as a personal hobby) and historical, paranormal or contemporary are all parts of that. I’m starting it today 01/09/2015 and I will update you guys half way through and then again when I finish so you can see what my thought process is like!

I’m actually pretty excited to start this and I don’t know how long it will take me to read this book. It could be anywhere from a day to a few days.


In Bed with a Highlander is a story about a warrior who is hell bent on revenge and an illegitimate daughter of a king who just might be his warrior heart’s downfall. This book was given to me (just this morning) and I had no idea that it is apart of a series but no matter. Usually these books are almost completely separate anyway! I’m not sure what to expect but historical and Highlander novels usually make me happy so we shall see!

Happy Reading!


In Bed With a Highlander