The Tough Decision

It’s not that I’m a completely poor person, it’s that I’m not rich. My love for books is often halted by the fact that I have so many other things to pay for. I guess I just really thought about it yesterday when I was at Books A Million and I had to pick between two very exciting novels. I had the first novel of the Paige Tyler’s series that I already did a review on (Her Lone Wolf) and another novel by Patricia Briggs called Moon Called (which I haven’t read) to choose from.

I enlisted the help of my guy and one of his friends. Of course they just looked at the covers and decided the one with the woman on it with boobs was a better decision; should have known! I decided to pick the one that I haven’t read any of the books in the series. I’m a couple of pages into it, along with the other two novels I’m reading, and it’s turning out to be a pretty good story so far.

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I guess I made the right decision in choosing it but we will see. Next check I’ll be getting the other story for sure!!


P.S. Books A Million link is below!! Check it out or find one near you! It’s so awesome! Almost…almost as good as Barnes and Nobles

P.S.S. I’m always up for book donations!

Books A Million

Book Review: Her Lone Wolf by Paige Tyler


So I literally just finished Her Lone Wolf and I must say, it was great. It was definitely suspenseful, as we are working with a serial killer here, but funny too. I wouldn’t say there was any real comic relief, just that there were parts that weren’t as serious that kind of balanced out the book. I actually was inspired by this novel. Before now I hadn’t read anything by Paige Tyler and I’m definitely hooked. I just found out, by searching her page (link below) that it is actually apart of a series. Luckily! It’s the second book. I plan to go back to the book store and see if they have the first and third books in the series.Her Lone Wolf by Paige Tyler

The characters were well thought out. The cadence of the book read very smoothly. I’ve read a few shifter novels in my time and I think this is definitely in my top twenty of favorites. I would put Paige Tyler near my top with Lynsay Sands (not touching but amazingly close). She also played her sup-characters very well. I find that in a lot of novels the characters who aren’t really important or mains fall between the cracks. They aren’t as well rounded, their lines seem forced, we don’t really form who they are in our minds. Tyler describes and widens the spectrum for her sup-characters and that is what inspired me.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer of well researched, beautifully developed and loveable characters. Call me crazy but the twists of the book and the psychosis of the killer really drew me in! Tyler is a fantastic writer and a gathers points in my book for creativity!

I recommend this novel to any romance reader who also likes a little mystery with their love. Looking forward to reading more!


Her Lone Wolf on Amazon