Food For Thought: Introductions, Setups and Prologues


One of the things that I admit that I do when I read novels is skip the introduction (or prologue). I’m not saying that I don’t read it but just…most of the time not in the beginning. I just believe in jumping straight into the book. I don’t want a setup of ‘history’ for the novel. I want to read the synopsis and say “Hmm…I’d love to read this!” and then open to Chapter 1 and begin.

Often times I will go back and read the introduction (or prologue) after I’ve read the book or if I feel as if I’m missing something. This kind of counts me out sometimes because books that I’m very interested in might have prologues and I’m just like “AARRGGHHH!!!” and read it anyway. That said, Killing Floor by Lee Child (review book 2) has an introduction and no, I have not read it yet. I will, when I finish the novel. I did read the first sentence and it looks as if it’s just a missive from author to reader. No biggie. Don’t fault me for this, it’s just the way I work!

I just thought I’d share some thoughts with you so you guys don’t get bored waiting for me to finish a novel. That’s what this section is for! I’m a fast reader but I’d like to be able to take some time to form a great opinion and be able to write it as clear and concise as I can for you. That being said, I’ll at least do one book every week or two, depending on my schedule. I AM currently in the middle of my move to Florida and I only have four weeks left before I’m officially no longer in Kansas City but I’m sure I’ll be able to keep up the pace.

All in all, I hate introductions, prologues or any kind of preparation an author might give you in the beginning of the book. Just get to it! I’ll have to remember that though! I’ve written a few prologues and I always think to myself “Why not just make it Chapter 1?” So yes, if you ever read anything I’ve written feel free to wonder if that first Chapter had ever been a prologue.

Happy Reading


Food for Thought


One of the things I definitely look forward to in a book in unpredictability. Many times I find that I am unsurprised, disinterested and bored while reading. You could say that I might try a genre change but instead I strive to look for more engaging books. I understand that finding an original romantic story plot without venturing into the paranormal is hard but please, try?

I had hoped that I could be one of the many authors that really inspires others to write but time will surely tell. Here are a list of authors that inspire me, drive me to do better or just write a great story:

Lynsay Sands

Julie Garwood

James Patterson

Lora Leigh

Nicholas Sparks

Jayne Anne Krents

Meg Cabot

Susan Mallory

Sarah Dessen

Stephen King

Philip Pullman

John Grisham

Agatha Christie

Mary Higgins Clark

Nora Roberts

Alexandra Ivy

Caris Roane (new found love!)

Tina Wainscott (Jaime Rush)

This was all that I could think of off the top of my head but once I gather together more brain food I’ll add more!!


Current Read: In Bed With A Highlander!


So, I decided to start off the blog with a book very much apart of my own genre. It’s called In Bed with a Highlander by Maya Banks. I am definitely willing to read and review a large variety of genres but I want to at least start in my own. Granted, I read romance novels (as a personal hobby) and historical, paranormal or contemporary are all parts of that. I’m starting it today 01/09/2015 and I will update you guys half way through and then again when I finish so you can see what my thought process is like!

I’m actually pretty excited to start this and I don’t know how long it will take me to read this book. It could be anywhere from a day to a few days.


In Bed with a Highlander is a story about a warrior who is hell bent on revenge and an illegitimate daughter of a king who just might be his warrior heart’s downfall. This book was given to me (just this morning) and I had no idea that it is apart of a series but no matter. Usually these books are almost completely separate anyway! I’m not sure what to expect but historical and Highlander novels usually make me happy so we shall see!

Happy Reading!


In Bed With a Highlander

Just Saying Hello!


I’m Jade! Anyone who knows me knows that I love to read. I’m a writer who spends more time reading than anything else. I decided that because of this passion I will become a book reviewer. I didn’t even know that was actually a thing until just recently. I made a spontaneous blog and now here I am! I’m very opinionated, honest and can provide constructive criticism!

I can’t wait to start this new journey. Just to let you know, I do read about four to five books a week, time permitting, and I plan to review them all, here, for you! I hope you enjoy!

Please feel free to comment or message me with your thoughts on any of the reviews that I do! I would love to hear from you also, especially if you have a new book to suggest or have also read a book I’ve reviewed!

Happy Reading!