My Movement to Florida from Missouri!


I finally completed my move to Florida from Missouri! I arrived, after a two day journey, yesterday on Monday. We stopped off in Chattanooga, Tennessee so that we wouldn’t have to drive the 18 hours straight. It was pretty fun! My friend is traveling with me, thank God, and it’s been a blast. We are chilling at my new apartment for a few days before taking a trip down to Miami Beach! This will be the first time I’ve ever been to a real beach! I’m beyond excited!

I’d always dreamed that I’d move to a bigger city, something different. I was finally presented with the opportunity and ran with it. I’m currently looking for jobs in my area but i transferred one of my positions to Florida so i’m not extremely pressed right now. I am looking for administrative/assistant, human resources, copywriting or content writing positions. I’m so happy with this decision I’ve made! We shall see how things turn out!

I will admit that I completed my last novel (Match Me If You Can) to review before I’d even left Missouri. I just hadn’t had time to really upload a final review. Which I will do ASAP!

Looking forward to seeing what Orlando has to offer!

Happy Travels!

Jade Jemison