Final Review: In Bed with a Highlander

In Bed with a Highlander by Maya Banks

I have finished! I must say, some of my opinions of the book have changed. There is quite a twist that I didn’t expect that definitely gave me pause. A good pause that was needed. The novel ends with a lighter tone, more of a happy light hearted scene. The pages leading up to it however made it very hard to put the book down while at work. I didn’t know what the author would do and anticipation set in. Of course, I had my own solution to the protagonists’ issues but one over throw of a throne, kidnapping of a pregnant wife, long trek across the highlands and dagger to the belly later and I was definitely mistaken.

“…slowly poisoned me over time so it would appear as if I sickened and died of natural causes.”

The story has a more subtle sense of a comedic relief. Some parts that I definitely laughed out loud on might not have been as funny as I read them (lol!). My awkward sense of humor mixed with the main character females’ ability to drive everyone crazy really set a soft tone to the story.

“I’d battle the fires of hell to bring you home, lass. Now let’s ride on.”

I must say, in the end I will most likely look up the second novel of the series. There’s an excerpt of the next book in the back and I read it. If it is anything like this one I am looking forward to searching it out!

I do, usually, like it when I have a hard to figuring out what’s going to happen right off the top but this book gave a whole new meaning to plot twist. Of course this may just be due to my biasness from the first review but I definitely hadn’t expected just twenty pages later things would change.

I still agree that the book should have given more description but in the last few chapters you receive plenty. The wounds from an errant arrow, effects of deadly poison and the scaling of a wall are but a few of the descriptive occurrences of the characters.

‘His face was grim and growing blurry by the minute. “You’ve been poisoned.”’

In saying this, I don’t believe the book was consistent. I wasn’t griped from the beginning, hooked and relieved at the end. I was bored, interested and then exuberated. I’m not sure if that is good or bad or if I exactly like it. I could go on and on about this but you might just be ready for the rating. So, due to this, I give In Bed with a Highlander a 6/8!

Happy Reading



Banks, Maya. In Bed with a Highlander. New York: Ballantine Books, 2011. Print.

Initial Review: In Bed with a Highlander


So, I’d forgotten exactly what it felt like to write a book review. I’d been so long stuck in my world of reading that actually writing what I thought of something hasn’t been on the forefront of my mind. So, I am 181 pages into In Bed with a Highlander by Maya Banks. I’ll just do an initial brief review.

I must say that I am pleasantly impressed. Reading this I’m sure you’ll see I have more cons than pros but I do like the book. I’ve always been fond of Maya Banks and with this novel she doesn’t disappoint. The flow of her novel is consistent, the descriptions minimal and the dialogue is pleasant. I will say that I am not overly impressed by this novel. I would think that her being one of the authors that I actually like to read would help the situation a little more, but it didn’t. One of the things that I like about the book is that the accented dialogue doesn’t take away from reading the story. I’ve always found it overly distracting and immensely irritating when authors write in an extensive accent. I’ve read when authors would write in pronunciations and I admit it is interesting and possibly romantic for the first chapter. This is definitely a pro for Banks.

It’s not really a con but I just don’t think the story has enough punch to it. I wasn’t as drawn in as I thought I would be when reading the first chapter. Granted, every novel isn’t going to hit you with the first line but I definitely expected a little more from this author. I’d mentioned earlier that the descriptions were minimal, and they were, but I think a little more risk could have been taken. I hear often from readers that they don’t want to spend two or three pages describing…a tree but we aren’t talking about a tree here. Historicals are written in a time before our own. Just simply describing the actions of highland warriors, in all their handsome glory, isn’t enough for me. I would have liked to read a little more of how dilapidated Ewan McCabe’s keep is. We definitely spend more time in the characters’ heads than we do in the actual setting.

This is sort of a contradiction but I do like that we know how our characters are feeling. Initially it seems like we are really getting to know them; what they think, what they feel, how they feel. I just wonder if it’s just too much. I also must say that the story line is a little old. Not that it doesn’t have its own twists and turns but being a regular romance reader I’ve seen this so many times. I just wanted something a little different.

Everyone knows the twist on the warrior out for revenge, the woman who needs saving. The warrior has a hardened heart and the woman is a spit-fire, slip of a “lass” that obeys no one. He kidnaps, rescues, or wins her and either forces, convinces, or is “decreed” to marry her. She’s angry and resistant, he’s convincing with his “loving” and she eventually turns his heart warm and fuzzy. It’s Stockholm syndrome at its finest! Not that I wouldn’t read this story line expecting something different each time (insane, obviously) but I haven’t!

You never know, my opinion of the book might change as I get closer to the end. I hope it gets better! I would hate to start off on an iffy review.


Current Read: In Bed With A Highlander!


So, I decided to start off the blog with a book very much apart of my own genre. It’s called In Bed with a Highlander by Maya Banks. I am definitely willing to read and review a large variety of genres but I want to at least start in my own. Granted, I read romance novels (as a personal hobby) and historical, paranormal or contemporary are all parts of that. I’m starting it today 01/09/2015 and I will update you guys half way through and then again when I finish so you can see what my thought process is like!

I’m actually pretty excited to start this and I don’t know how long it will take me to read this book. It could be anywhere from a day to a few days.


In Bed with a Highlander is a story about a warrior who is hell bent on revenge and an illegitimate daughter of a king who just might be his warrior heart’s downfall. This book was given to me (just this morning) and I had no idea that it is apart of a series but no matter. Usually these books are almost completely separate anyway! I’m not sure what to expect but historical and Highlander novels usually make me happy so we shall see!

Happy Reading!


In Bed With a Highlander