Final Review: Killing Floor

Hey Ya Guys!!

I am sorry about the long await! I’ve spent an enormous amount of time not working and packing clothes for when i move to Florida next week. Reading has not been my top priority but I was able to finish the novel. I must admit, Lee Child is definitely a genius! I love the novel, his writing style and the composure of the sentences. A review wouldn’t be a review at all without a few of my favorite quotes from the novel!

He was pounding me with short jabs to the arms and chest. I was jammed back between two sinks. The mountain of lard pressing up. Nowhere to hit him. Except his eyes. I jammed my thumb into his eye. Hooked the tips of my fingers in his ear and squeezed. My thumbnail popped his eyeball sideways. I pushed my thumb in. His eyeball was nearly out. He was screaming and pulling my wrist. I held on.”*

The way Child uses short choppy sentences to express emotion is just short of masterly. Metaphors and similes in the novel are far beyond anything I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure if thats just me being weird or that he actually sat down and thought of the most awkward things to compare his plights to.

We skirted the city on a raised ribbon of concrete. We passed near the airport. I found my way back to the poor part of town. It was nearly seven thirty in the morning. The place looked pretty good in the soft morning light. The low sun gave it a spurious glow. I found the right street, and the right house, crouching inoffensively behind its hurricane fencing.”*

I love the Jack Reacher series and look forward to reading more novels by Lee Child. It’s almost unbelievable that he didn’t start writing until he was 40 years old.** From post experiences we’ve seen that writers can be of many ages. Philip Pullman was 16, Dora Lessing published at 31 and Doris Page published her debut novel at 93.***

In a nutshell, yes I would recommend this novel to just about anyone. I’m not yet sure, other than Fiction, which genre this would fall into. There is a little bit of action, little romance and a little emotional darkness.

I give Killing Floor seven stars!

*Child, Lee. Killing Floor. New York: Jove Books, 1997. Print.



As I Read Along

Hey Hey!

I’ve been very diligent in my reading. I read in between jobs, on breaks and even on lunch. I’m 152 pages into Killing Floor, a novel that as it turns out is 536 pages. I don’t want to rush reading this novel, it’s so good but I am reading continuously. I will upload more posts (related and non) for you as I go along.

I’ve uploaded a photo of the book and my book mark! I look forward to providing you with my initial review! However, that won’t come until I’m at least halfway finished!