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I have read a few books but the last two that I finished that I will be doing reviews on within the next few days are below! I am also rereading the entire His Dark Materials collection by Philip Pullman, I read it when I was in highschool and can’t wait to start it again. It will most likely take a while as there are three larger books, I might break them up and do a review for each novel.

Lynsay Sands: About A Vampire and Lyra’s Oxford by Philip Pullman

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I look forward to writing these reviews and I hope you enjoy them!


Guest Book Review: Storm by Jo Raven

Review: STORM (Sex and Bullets, #1) by Jo Raven

5 out of 5 Hearts
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Jo Raven is a New to me Author.

Holy Smokes!!! What a spicy, tasty morsel I have had the pleasure of reading. A little slow at first, however, there’s enough mystery and suspense to keep me flipping pages until… the plot thickened.

Jo Raven has built a believable world of steamy, romantic intrigue mixed with mystery, suspense, and twisted turns.

The character building is consistent, and easy to follow. Storm had me at Hello! Raylin is a very likable creature in her own rights. The chemistry between them is SEXILICIOUS!!!!

A splendid way to spend a rainy day.

I was gifted an e-copy of this going on exchange for an honest review. No remuneration was involved.

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Current Read: After Hours With Her Ex


I thought I’d do a round of small romance novels! You know, the ones that are very short and are usually headed by Harlequin? I just recently came across a few that were really good and were in the same theme but had some really good storylines to them. Since they are so short I’ll do a quick little review for them and move on!

The second novel I’ve decided to read, following this short romances theme, is After Hours With Her Ex. This novel is by Maureen Child! I do like this author, she’s written some very good novels (and some I was unsure about) but overall she’s done a great job. I look forward to reading this one!


After Hours With Her Ex


After the death of his twin brother, Sam Wyatt left without a trace. He left behind his mourning family, his famous resort and his wife. With no words other than divorce papers and a few postcards; Sam made to plan to return any time soon. Two years later he reneged on that decision. With his return came hostility, passion and…scandal? Can she trust him not to leave again or did he just return for other reasons? Not sure what secrets lie ahead, she’s putting her heart on the line; and their unborn child’s.

Good Readance,