Book Review: Vampires Never Cry Wolf by Sara Humphreys


So Vampires Never Cry Wolf was another one of the Buy 2 Get a 3rd FREE books that I bought from Books A Million. I really enjoyed this novel. It’s an easy read. I’d say that it had a pretty good balance between sex and story plot like any other romance novel. I would also say that sex, lust, very strong feelings of attraction were a main focus for the book though. It’s not that I didn’t like it, it was just that I saw so much more potential with the story line than the two main characters just having the hots for each other.51hjpUwmVOL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

Of course there was also the Juliet and Romeo story plot with the two species having a strong vendetta against each other for the last millennia. I enjoyed how she solved that problem and how it there were somethings left unresolved. I have recently realized, during the brainstorming of my new novel, that a great number of books that have complete resolution at the end. Most romance novels have everything figured out by the time the last page rolls around. This family member is no longer estranged, the couple will live happily ever after, the mystery has been uncovered and brought to justice; etc. I have found that as long as our couple has had some sort of agreement, head nod, potential smiling or continuation of the relationship we are happy. I like how Humphreys left some things to be worked out after the book has already finished. She gave some in-depth explanations as to how their lives could be solved but they are still based on several in the future decisions each character would have to make later on after the pages are over. I admire her writing style in this sense. Way to go, Humphreys!

I’ve seen the it is apart of a book series! I’m sure you will encounter Sadie and Killian in another novel as well, don’t miss them too much! I definitely recommend you read this novel if you are new to the vampire crave and want to add a little wolf action to your story.


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Book Review: Her Lone Wolf by Paige Tyler


So I literally just finished Her Lone Wolf and I must say, it was great. It was definitely suspenseful, as we are working with a serial killer here, but funny too. I wouldn’t say there was any real comic relief, just that there were parts that weren’t as serious that kind of balanced out the book. I actually was inspired by this novel. Before now I hadn’t read anything by Paige Tyler and I’m definitely hooked. I just found out, by searching her page (link below) that it is actually apart of a series. Luckily! It’s the second book. I plan to go back to the book store and see if they have the first and third books in the series.Her Lone Wolf by Paige Tyler

The characters were well thought out. The cadence of the book read very smoothly. I’ve read a few shifter novels in my time and I think this is definitely in my top twenty of favorites. I would put Paige Tyler near my top with Lynsay Sands (not touching but amazingly close). She also played her sup-characters very well. I find that in a lot of novels the characters who aren’t really important or mains fall between the cracks. They aren’t as well rounded, their lines seem forced, we don’t really form who they are in our minds. Tyler describes and widens the spectrum for her sup-characters and that is what inspired me.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer of well researched, beautifully developed and loveable characters. Call me crazy but the twists of the book and the psychosis of the killer really drew me in! Tyler is a fantastic writer and a gathers points in my book for creativity!

I recommend this novel to any romance reader who also likes a little mystery with their love. Looking forward to reading more!


Her Lone Wolf on Amazon

A Few New Novels!

Hey all!

So, I just discovered this bookstore called Books A Million (Link below) via a few of my coworkers. I had been in dire need of  a great bookstore and it seems that Florida isn’t too friendly with Barnes and Nobles. Back home, every mall had a BnN, shopping strips had them and there were even stand alone locations. Here, there aren’t that many! (Unless I’m just looking in all the wrong places). Anyway, so I went and checked it out and surprisingly it was pretty awesome! There were some pretty good selections. I must admit I was a little skeptical at first but then I decided to give it a chance.

I hadn’t really planned to spend any money there and luckily they were having a sale! A Buy Two Get A Third Free type sale. I was beyond excited. The first book that I immediately was drawn to is by Paige Tyler. This is an author I’ve never heard of before! (Inserted author link below!) We shall see!