Book Review: His Lover’s Little Secret by Andrea Laurence

Hi! So I am actually glad that I dug into my boxes of books. I just recently moved into my new apartment and I brought maybe ten boxes of books with me. I have been collecting books ever since I was a young child. Yes, I say collecting because at first I would just buy books I couldn’t find in the libraries and then I realized…with the amount of books I have I could start my own library. That’s what I plan to do. I plan to start a library and have the ability to say I’ve read each and every one of them.

Oh yeah, so I dug into my boxes and found a few random gems. His Lover’s Little Secret was one of those gems. I read it while I was at work because it was on of the slowest days possible and the book isn’t a hard read nor is it very long. The characters written in the novel are so deep and complex. You wouldn’t think so if you were to judge it by the fact that it’s a Harlequin but it’s true. Gavin is definitely one of my favorite antagonist ever. He’s strong, matter of fact, put together but not necessarily controlling. Yes, as a CEO he spends a great deal bossing and giving orders but he’s such a sweetheart you forgive him. His true and honest love for his son is every girls true dream in a father for their child.


When I read the back of the novel again, I was taken aback for a minute. The story plot is not uncommon and I half expected it to be one of those that irritate every nerve. I hate it when girls call a guy a deadbeat or not a good father but didn’t even tell him that he had a child. It really grinds my gears because they then spend the entire book making demands and statements like “you don’t deserve”, “prove to me…” and “he’s MY child”. It makes me want to reach into the pages, grab the woman by the neck and shake. Knock some sense into them and say “HE COULD’VE BEEN THERE FROM THE BEGINNING HAD YOU ONLY TOLD HIM!” Luckily, I didn’t have to do that this time. Of course, she spent the first few days trying to convince him she was right in not telling him but she redeemed herself by allowing him to be involved.

Andrea Laurence did a great job of bringing it full circle and making them very well rounded. I’M even in love with little Jared! Thanks!! Read to find out if this duo can get it together and how they survive a kidnapping! Love it!


Book Review: The Blackstone Heir by Dani Wade

Hey All!

I thought this was a good book. It was your typical rich guy, with a well hidden heart and a strong tone against a soft hearted but stubborn and strong willed girl thats perfect for him. The mystery behind why she left wasn’t as predictable as you think it would be. She wasn’t just trying to “keep the baby for herself” she was just trying to keep her baby safe and her family together. She’s a strong character with a great heart. I really liked her although on some occasions I, too, wanted to strangle her.The Black Stone Heir

The MCM was a little upsetting in the beginning. He seemed to think that despite her want to protect their child, she purposely wanted him never to have anything to do with the baby. This isn’t true at all and in inference, she would have been grateful for the help he could have provided.

I do absolutely love her family and their want to protect her from the “big, handsome, wolf”. He was a little temperamental and angry in the beginning but eventually got over it. He ends up being a very likable character.

I’d definitely give this novel six stars!


Current Read: The Blackstone Heir


I thought I’d do a round of small romance novels! You know, the ones that are very short and are usually headed by Harlequin? I just recently came across a few that were really good and were in the same theme but had some really good storylines to them. Since they are so short I’ll do a quick little review for them and move on!

The first book I’ve decided to read is The Blackstone Heir by Dani Wade.


In this story a southern millionaire and a beautiful waitress meet and have the most passionate of affairs. From this, a cute little blonde haired boy is derived. However, going on the run was the mother’s only option to keep her baby safe; and his father in the dark!

Good Readance,


The Black Stone Heir

Current Read: Nobody’s Baby But Mine


So I know that I did another review on a novel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips and honestly I had no intention of doing another by this author so soon. I found this novel in the Bargain Priced section of Barnes and Nobles (my second to favorite section) and was excited. The story plot seemed really good, or at least funny, and it was less than $5! I picked it up almost right away!

This novel is called Nobody’s Baby But Mine.


In her early thirties with no romantic prospects and no expectations of any, Dr. Jane Darling has decided to have a baby on her own. She’s a genius who spend her teen years attending college and her later years forming her career. Thinking that if she could just get pregnant by someone with more of a physical ego than an intelligent mind, her child won’t have to endure the horrors that she did as a child. However, legendary quarterback Cal Bonner (a man who only dates fifteen years his junior) seems to be a great deal more intelligent than she bargained for and also doesn’t take kindly to her schemes to get pregnant. One quick marriage, move across america and new car later this odd couple was doomed from the start; or were they?

Good Readance,


Nobody's Baby But Mine