A Few New Novels!

Hey all!

So, I just discovered this bookstore called Books A Million (Link below) via a few of my coworkers. I had been in dire need of  a great bookstore and it seems that Florida isn’t too friendly with Barnes and Nobles. Back home, every mall had a BnN, shopping strips had them and there were even stand alone locations. Here, there aren’t that many! (Unless I’m just looking in all the wrong places). Anyway, so I went and checked it out and surprisingly it was pretty awesome! There were some pretty good selections. I must admit I was a little skeptical at first but then I decided to give it a chance.

I hadn’t really planned to spend any money there and luckily they were having a sale! A Buy Two Get A Third Free type sale. I was beyond excited. The first book that I immediately was drawn to is by Paige Tyler. This is an author I’ve never heard of before! (Inserted author link below!) We shall see!





Current Read: Nobody’s Baby But Mine


So I know that I did another review on a novel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips and honestly I had no intention of doing another by this author so soon. I found this novel in the Bargain Priced section of Barnes and Nobles (my second to favorite section) and was excited. The story plot seemed really good, or at least funny, and it was less than $5! I picked it up almost right away!

This novel is called Nobody’s Baby But Mine.


In her early thirties with no romantic prospects and no expectations of any, Dr. Jane Darling has decided to have a baby on her own. She’s a genius who spend her teen years attending college and her later years forming her career. Thinking that if she could just get pregnant by someone with more of a physical ego than an intelligent mind, her child won’t have to endure the horrors that she did as a child. However, legendary quarterback Cal Bonner (a man who only dates fifteen years his junior) seems to be a great deal more intelligent than she bargained for and also doesn’t take kindly to her schemes to get pregnant. One quick marriage, move across america and new car later this odd couple was doomed from the start; or were they?

Good Readance,


Nobody's Baby But Mine