Blog: Being Naomi’s Mommy

CNF: These Little Moments

Naomi won’t remember these late nights. Her crying. Me holding her close. Us intertwined in an exchange of energy. Her face resting on my chest, breathing in my exhales.  She won’t remember the times I’ve cried, wondering if I am a good mother. Asking myself if I’ve made a mistake. If maybe it was selfish […]

CNF: I Miss My Mommy

I have struggled this year and I feel the only way to get this out of me is to….get the words out. This piece has eaten away at me and the only way to make it stop was to write it. So here it is. I miss my mother.  The way she wrapped her arms […]

I Am You and You Are We

An Ode to Baby Naomi Kai     When I touch my lips to your soft cheek I think of how I’m kissing myself. Those cheeks are mine, girl They puff out so big in smile or pout and that nose That nose is mine too, with tiny nostrils round and perfectly tucked in brown […]

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