[Katie Vaz]’s newest book tells the story of her life through the thirty-nine plants that have played both leading and supporting roles, from her childhood to her wedding day.

I really thought the art in My Life in Plants was very adorable. I am a big lover of plants, as well as nonfiction shorts, so I thought this book blended to the two quite nicely. I did find that I wanted a bit more of each. I don’t know if that’s a bad thing, though. You want to be left wanting more from nonfiction stories – that is, if the author is still alive. Then you are interested in the rest of their story.

I also liked the fact that the illustrations felt more light hearted. When there are tough topics that blend with more mundane ones, it’s easy to go to the darker side. This was cutesy and sweet on every page, and at this time in 2020, we need that.

I have recently joined plant groups and I plan to post this on my planstagram page (Plants.That.Read) as well because I think it helps people understand how plants can affect your life. I think it has something to do with the healing aspect, the growth and cycle of life aspect, to plants. Either way, care for plants and heal your soul!

If I could give this my own rating I would give it a 3.5! Thank you for your stories Katie Vaz.

Don’t forget! If you have any book suggestions for me to read, feel free to comment below!

Good Readdance,

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One thought on “Book Review: My Life in Plants by Katie Vaz

  1. Hallo, Hallo Jade Beth,

    I am happy to have stumbled across your review for My Life in Plants after sharing my own thoughts on the book as well via the audiobook (courtesy of NetGalley). I loved how we both felt in our takeaways about the memoir that portions of it left you hungering for more – as I eased into the further depths of her story, I realised those shorter bursts of life and memory had their time and place in the whole of the story she wanted to tell but like you, in the height of finding those chapters I did ache for ‘just a bit more’ past what was given. Of course as you said – that is a good technique to gain our further interest in her life’s story.

    I hadn’t quite equated the fuller takeaway about how plants and the cycles of life cojoin together and I felt it was a beautiful bit of symmetry to share in your review because of how telling it is of the ebb and flow of the memoir itself. It truly was insightful and gives full anchour to what she was attempting to give us all through these snippets of insight about her life and the plants which followed her through her experiences.

    You can read my full thoughts and let me know if anything I said also resonated with you. As I love to converse with fellow book bloggers who are reading the same stories.


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