Goodbye April! 6 Books Read!

46/120 Books Read!



I spent the beginning of April in Louisiana. I was unable to listen to audio-books, due to the internet situation, and I rarely read physical books. I still think I did a fantastic job with the stories I read as I enjoyed most of them.

On the long trek back, 20 hours with a night spent in Gulf Shores for a break, I was able to listen to several books. It made the those long hours doable, helped me stay sane.

I loved Behind Closed Doors by P.A. Paris. I really enjoyed the main character, as well as the narrator’s voice. One of the beautiful things about audio books is the true skill of the narrators. I love how they can take on different accents, speed up or slow down their cadence for mystery or intrigue, how they make you feel the action of the story. I almost cried, a few times while listening to books, when a narrator choked up while giving a heartfelt piece of dialogue. It really shows you how important reading, books in general, are important to our lives.

Another book that I really liked was Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty. I actually started this book months and months ago. I began listening at the same time as a few others, it was overshadowed by others and so I stopped. So I picked it up on the second leg of my trip. I really enjoyed the way things turned out with it. I liked the many different characters and all of their intricacies. It really made me remember Clue and how much I loved that movie. So much so that I re-watched it!



Don’t forget! If you have any suggestions let me know! I’d love to look into anything that you might be enjoying at the moment.

My favorite genres: thriller, mystery, romance, adventure/puzzles, fantasy/science fiction, nonfiction

Good Readdance,

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