No New Book Review! Sorry!


So, I know I haven’t posted a new book review lately but it’s because of a good reason…I’m reading a really, really, really big book. Well, it’s sort of big but mostly it’s really interesting!

If you’ve watched my instagram or Twitter you’ll know what book I’m reading! It’s nearly 600 pages long! I’m actually liking it a ton so I haven’t been able to read any other books. I usually read 4-5 at the same time but I’m sort of stuck on this one.

I am trying to write the blog posts that are in my queue and finish revising my own book, Phoenix! Gotta get all this stuff out! July is a busy month!

P.S. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still reading the book club book but that is more out of necessity for the meeting.

I'd love to hear your feedback! Comment below!

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