We are moving out of our apartment in August. The crazy thing is that, yes, I’ve started packing already. I am so glad that I am because I already have five duffle bags and four big boxes filled with books and I haven’t even touched the other rooms.

We have so much stuff in comparison to when we first moved in two years ago. I’ve bought three bookshelves and I plan to get a few more as well as smaller bedside tables to put my tiny lamps on. I love to read in bed and this is definitely going to be a happy moment for me.

Another thing is that I have no doubt I will be buying more books between now and our move out day. I am keeping a box empty just in case I do…which I will. So, full circle. We are actually going to get a moving company because there is no way I will be able to carry any of these boxes. My guy is considerably stronger than I am but even he won’t be able to lift them. Hopefully the movers come with a dolly.

In our new apartment, I’m hoping to set up our TV and library room just how I like it and keep it that way. I don’t currently have a writing desk but I will be buying one to fit in a tiny alcove that the new apartment has tucked between the living room and the bedroom wall. It’s right next to our porch so I could swivel and watch the horizon as I write.  There’s also enough space for one or two of my tiny bookshelves to fit. It’ll be so awesome!

Anyway! Do you guys have separate rooms or spaces for your books? Give me some ideas! How do you work your love for books into your home?

Good Readdance,


I'd love to hear your feedback! Comment below!

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