2018 Update!


Happy to see you here again! I have added a few more categories to my blog and I’m very excited about them. I will be writing posts about my writing journey as well as the book reviews. I currently started a Daily Writing Challenge (DWC) and I will be documenting that time. Yes! I can’t wait to share more of my process with you.

Another great thing is that I will be creating a newsletter! Don’t forget to sign up! You’ll get fun news and messages from me and also be the first to know what’s going on! I’ll also add a Q&A section on the newsletters that you’ll only see there! So ask some questions!!

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Don’t forget to request books and suggest any reviews you’d like to see in the future! I’m always open for new ideas! If you would like to hear anything else from me feel free to shoot me a message!

Good Readdance,


For blurb requests or rights inquiries, please contact me directly through e-mail.