2017 Update!


My name is Jade Beth! I’m originally from Missouri (good ole Midwest) but I currently live in FL with my guy. I love to read! Reading is my life and I’ve decided to share that with the world. For a minute there, I went from the blog to my Youtube channel and vlogged my reviews there but I had forgotten how much I enjoy writing them. (I’m baaaaack.)


On my blog I will be reviewing books that I read. I own just over 2,000 physical books and maybe 4-5 times that amount of e-books. I have so many reviews to write and so many books to reread so I’m pretty happy about what I have to offer you. No lies here! I am pretty opinionated and I am not afraid to say if I don’t like something. No bashing but you can definitely expect honesty from me! I love many different genres; mystery, romance, paranormal/supernatural, psychological thriller, general fiction, erotica (maybe?), auto/biographies, and even some technical books. When I initially created the blog I planned to write reviews of movies as well and as I still love to watch movies I will not be doing that this time around. I will, however, be writing reviews of movies that are adapted from books!


I also write posts about me, my thoughts, and my aspirations. I am currently in school to finish my degree in English and Philosophy and I’m usually a fiction writer. I like to say that I write paranormal and mystery romance but I really write whatever story comes to me. I’m currently writing a non-fiction book about miscarriage and infant loss. While that is a topic near and dear to my heart it is not a genre I write about often.


I hope to hear from you in the comments! Let me know what books you love, what books you hate and if you have any suggestions. Don’t forget to follow my blog so that you get alerts when I upload! I promise to review more in 2018! This is our year!

Good Readdance,


For blurb requests or rights inquiries, please contact me directly through e-mail.