Book Review: His Queen by Amelia Wang

It seems to me that I have found more jewels in unedited and unplublished works on Wattpad than I initially thought. His Queen is definitely one of those hidden gems. Despite English not being the Author’s first language she has a flow to her writing that is unexpected. The story follows an interesting plot, one we’ve seen before but with an interesting twist.

I would say, maybe it was because I am a fast reader or possibly because I had time on my hands but it took me two days to finish this story. Every time I could I pulled up Wattpad and read this story despite having other unfinished novels to read. I would definitely recommend this story if you are looking to be introduced to something paranormal, romantic and fresh.



I also enjoyed her author notes in between the chapters (and sometimes in them). She is relatable and funny. Most of the time, if I see an author note I dont read it. I really just want to stay intuned to the story and not have to deal with whatever it is they are putting in between (snobbish I know…but I dont like to be interrupted when I read) but after the first one I read each insert.

I’m currently looking for new novels and new paranormal stories, I was definitely not disappointed by this story and will be checking out any other uploaded stories by this author.

Good Readance!


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