A Few Books That Have Inspired Me

Hey guys!

So I’ve decided that since I have enjoyed so many books over my lifetime that I cant go back and do reviews on them all (right now) I will every-so-often upload a blog with all the novels I’ve loved. This is really a long time coming. Every single novel that is uploaded here I have either fell in love with the series or with the book itself. You might find both as I wanted to point out the significance of some over others. I also threw in some novels that I read as a child or even in highschool so some of these might be a little funny to see amongst others.



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download (6)download.jpg

If you see any novels that you also like, love and/or want to read leave me a comment! Also if you see any that you really, really, really want a review on I’ll dig them out of my closet of books, reread and review!



I'd love to hear your feedback! Comment below!

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