Book Review: His Queen by Amelia Wang

It seems to me that I have found more jewels in unedited and unplublished works on Wattpad than I initially thought. His Queen is definitely one of those hidden gems. Despite English not being the Author’s first language she has a flow to her writing that is unexpected. The story follows an interesting plot, one we’ve seen before but with an interesting twist.

I would say, maybe it was because I am a fast reader or possibly because I had time on my hands but it took me two days to finish this story. Every time I could I pulled up Wattpad and read this story despite having other unfinished novels to read. I would definitely recommend this story if you are looking to be introduced to something paranormal, romantic and fresh.



I also enjoyed her author notes in between the chapters (and sometimes in them). She is relatable and funny. Most of the time, if I see an author note I dont read it. I really just want to stay intuned to the story and not have to deal with whatever it is they are putting in between (snobbish I know…but I dont like to be interrupted when I read) but after the first one I read each insert.

I’m currently looking for new novels and new paranormal stories, I was definitely not disappointed by this story and will be checking out any other uploaded stories by this author.

Good Readance!


You can find this story at:


2 thoughts on “Book Review: His Queen by Amelia Wang

  1. Thanks Jade for this awesome feedback! Quite honestly, while I was trying to edit the book, I found so many flaws and literally cringed at whatever I had written but still, I’m really glad that you enjoyed the book! (And you read my author’s notes! Yayy!) Once again, thanks for the review! The rest of my published works aren’t in the paranormal genre or anything, so you might be disappointed though haha XD

    – Amelia. <33

    P.S. I'm planning the spin-off to His Queen (:


    1. I’m sure I wont be disappointment, I think you have an eye for it. I actually have been getting into alot of different genres so…I look forward to seeing more from you!


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