Book Review: When In Rome by Cara McKenna


Here, I come to you with yet…another…heart warming…story. I absolutely love it. It’s short, it’s sweet, it’s heartfelt and honest. I love the toss of the two main characters and how in-depth they are despite the fact that the novel is so short. Cara flowed from one cozy chapter to the next and I felt I could have continued the novel between Amy and Jens further than the pages. It actually seemed different than the other Harlequin novels that I’ve read.

Usually the “billionaire’s” money is the forefront of the story some how. ‘A young woman down on her luck’, ‘a man who never had anything’ or ‘a man who has it all and can afford to be an ass’ seems to be the ideal story. I like how Cara did something different. She acknowledged it as the catalyst to their meeting but didn’t let it usurp the story.

Thanks McKenna for another great romance, this was a great way to start off 2016!


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