Book Review: Hitman In Love by KikiEmin


Ok, so I didn’t know this story was a homosexual story when I started reading it. I just read the title and I was like yes! I think this might be what I’m looking for. Now, I’m not into homosexual romance or erotica or anything like that but…the story was good.



The writer had made it known that there was some editing issues, as most WattPad writers/stories are unedited but I didn’t care. I read the story, despite the editing problems it was good. I could tell that at some parts it didn’t seem like English was the first language but it didn’t really matter. The plot seemed to be lacking a piece or two but I can definitely see where the writer is going. Now, I know it sounds like I’m trying to make allowances for the writer and I’m not. This genre of writing isn’t really my forte and yet I was still intrigued and interested in the story. That, in my book, should say a lot about the writer. Great job KikiEmin! I’m sure you have some more writing to do, more tweaking to do. Once the book is in a completed and full edited state I would have no problem going through and reading the story over again.

Warning, this story has some explicit detail (unknown at first), just wanted to warn you if you haven’t noticed already.


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