Movie Review: Star Wars; The Force Awakens- No Spoilers

Star Wars Fans Unite!!! Oh, wait…is that power rangers? Idk…

So I recently went on a date with my guy to see the new Star Wars Movie and it was deliciously magnificent. I have always been a really big fan of sci-fi movies and things of that nature, especially when there is some kind of romance involved. I’ve always been interested in the series books in the sci-fi section in the library, I just never really could get out from under the romance novels. Star Wars and Star Trek (old and new versions of shows/movies) have always sort of been my thing. I think going to see this movie renewed my love. Another movie hadn’t been out in so long that I almost forgot who Han Solo was (HOW!?!?!?) but I didn’t. I loved the newest installment. It renewed my faith in sci-fi cinema. I really loved the hair styles (obviously), the fashion, the graphics, the worlds, the story plot. To know that the story will be continuing is like…heaven!



I am actually glad that they chose new actors for the movie. Of course Harrison Ford was there and I love him! I just was taken away by the cinematography of the movie. Please, if you plan to keep doing things this way bring on the next movies!! You will have a fan in me! I would definitely recommend going to see this movie. I would recommend seeing it even if you weren’t a fan the first time around! It’s just that good. ūüôā


Book Review: Hitman In Love by KikiEmin


Ok, so I didn’t know this story was a homosexual story when I started reading it. I just read the title and I was like yes! I think this might be what I’m looking for. Now, I’m not into homosexual romance or erotica or anything like that but…the story was good.



The writer had made it known that there was some editing issues, as most WattPad writers/stories are unedited but I didn’t care. I read the story, despite the editing problems it was good.¬†I could tell that at some parts it didn’t seem like English was the first language but it didn’t really matter. The plot seemed to be lacking a piece or two but I can definitely see where the writer is going. Now, I know it sounds like I’m trying to make allowances for the writer and I’m not. This genre of writing isn’t really my forte and yet I was still intrigued and interested in the story. That, in my book, should say a lot about the writer. Great job KikiEmin! I’m sure you have some more writing to do, more tweaking to do. Once the book is in a completed and full edited state I would have no problem going through and reading the story over again.

Warning, this story has some explicit detail (unknown at first), just wanted to warn you if you haven’t noticed already.


Happy Ending’s Day!

So, I don’t celebrate any holidays. Not any traditional ones at least. I hate most of them due to past experiences or downfalls. I just have stayed away from them in general. On the other side, I do want to celebrate something annually to keep me looking forward. Thus a few years ago I devised my own holidays. Two days a year I reflect, remember, acknowledge and make goals. Two days a year I take time¬†out to congratulate myself for the things I’ve accomplished, feel sadness over loss or regrets and make plans for the next six months. I do a little exercise, a little yoga, and¬†drink a lot of water to purify.¬†I chose to use the middle of the year, June and the last Saturday of the month. This year Midway’s Day was June 25th. I also take the end of the year, December¬†and the last Saturday. This year Ending’s Day was December 26th. It seems silly but if you ever celebrated it with me you would understand.

Today we reflect on the last six months. So, as some of you might know, I’m going to school to become a Stylist. This has been more so an undiscovered dream of mine until now. The weird thing is, with the way I grew up, everyone always felt like I was this selfish person and maybe I was. Maybe I was stuck in my own little world of anger and hurt. Maybe I was a selfish child, most of them are. But somewhere, in my mind, I’ve always thought one day I would help people. I have always dreamed of being a writer. An author of amazing adventures to take my readers to different worlds with different problems outside of their own. I still have that dream and I fulfill it every time I finish a new novel. I then had the passion to be an Architect. I wanted to help design shelters and homes for those unfortunate and unfortunately for me, the lack of funds put that dream to a screeching halt.

Then I spent some time floating in the world of working to survive. Holding down a job because it meant I had the luxury to eat steak, go out with my closest friend and buying whatever I wanted. Then after a move to a new state…driving 18 hours to move, I floated for a time in savings. I met the love of my life (WARNING- mushiness) and settled back into working. After tragedy struck, I had to have something to pick myself back up, to keep me moving and I’m still trying to do so. My guy encouraged that I check out Aveda. He’d noticed my inability to stop watching hair videos, my constant advise and frustration that others wouldn’t listen to me because I don’t have a license and etc. He¬†threatened to harass me about it until I at least made an effort to look at the website and I did.

I fell in love with Aveda almost instantly. I loved the photography of the webpage, the honesty and philanthropy of the mission and what the company stood for. Surprisingly, I also loved the fact that there are private¬†owners. ¬†I watched all the videos on the website, I watched the testimonials and the Youtube stories of Aveda students (good and bad) and I was hooked. I made an appointment to tour the school right away and I knew I wanted to go as soon as I stepped in. My main reason I could give…it was clean.

I knew that I wanted to make people happy. I wanted to contribute to making someone feel confident, sexy, gorgeous and at their best. I also have purely selfish reasons (:D) of making art out of someone’s hair, being able to look at a masterpiece of color and shine and saying that is mine, learning all the different cuts and bringing my own spin to a modernized one length triangle. I just…am so ready!

Now that it’s “winter” break, I am taking the time to enjoy my off days even though I’m still working. I just made up and ordered new business cards. I cracked open my textbook early so I can be ahead of the game when I start the next phase. I am starting to recruit models for a photo-shoot I want to do so that I can enter and attend the Beacon Awards in Las Vegas this summer.

I’ve also thought of the relationships that have transformed or ended in the last six months.¬†I think of those¬†I am no longer friends with or family I no longer speak to due to disloyalty, dishonesty, to me realizing that I’ve been used or treated poorly, to the ones who stopped talking to me because I moved away, to me realizing that I was the only one making an effort to keep our friendship/relationship alive, to me outgrowing them as a person, to them outgrowing me as a person, to those who judged me and those who trashed me because of my miscarriage. I think of my guy who I love and hold close to¬†my heart.¬†He has¬†been so supportive of me. To those who held my hand during my¬†grief and those who gave me encouragement to move on and hold my head up. I reflect on¬†growing¬†and soothing my soul.

That seemed so down and sad but to pump things back up: I am so ready to¬†continue this new part of my life and I will be sharing it as I go along. I have a lot on my plate what with the book review blog,¬†writing my new novel,¬†my natural hair and Vlog life Youtube channel and keeping myself sane at work while learning new coloring and cutting techniques at school but I can do it. I have always been a strong person and with my new motto and mantra I will achieve all the goals I set out for. I’ve loosely set goals for hair growth, for retaining school knowledge, for losing weight and being healthy and de-stressing for the next six months!

Thanks for being apart of my reflection day!



Book Review: Lyra’s Oxford by Philip Pullman

Hey all,

So, I am in love with this short little story. I wasn’t aware of it when I read the His Dark Materials series¬†the first time, back when I was in high school. I found it a few years ago and still hadn’t had the time to find it and read it. It’s not very long at all, a short novel of maybe 120 pages. It comes with a map of Jordan College and the other places she goes over the course of the series. I decided that I would buy the books in a collection and came across a really great hard back book deal with Lyra’s Oxford included on Amazon and bought it straight away. I took the paper covers off as to not damage them but the hard binding is beautiful. They both come with a deep red tint with a small gold band. It’s pretty and how I always want my collections to look.




The story is set after the series takes place but seemingly in a different atmosphere. The author had stated the little novel is supposed to be taken as a stand-alone. You aren’t supposed to read it as if expected it was an exact sequel to the series but more as an installment of her life. I love it! I love the idea of a sequel that’s not a sequel. The Lyra and Pan we know and love are still them, no big change that makes you think “How in the worlds did we get here from there?”. I loved it, I highly recommend buying and reading it! It’s not that expensive at all.

Happy Readance!


Book Review: About A Vampire by Lynsay Sands


You might be one to think that I am biased when it comes to this author…and I usually am. I have¬†been¬†reading novels by Lynsay Sands since I was in high school when I first fell in love with¬†A Quick Bite. I took to her writing style almost immediately and couldn’t let go.¬†Her descriptions, character analysis and plot twists really had me¬†transfixed. Every time a new¬†story came out I was immediately taken away. I’d say the hardest thing about being in love with a book series is waiting for the next one to come out. There was a period there when she wrote historical fiction instead of The Argeneau series and I was angry at her. Of course, with her being my favorite author, I read the historicals anyway (and loved them) but that was besides the point. So when the new story came out I was very happy.

I was waiting in line at Wal-Mart and it hit me, I hadn’t even glanced at the book section in a very long time, which if you know me is very unheard of, and I immediately ran over. I didn’t see anything and was thoroughly upset. I went to work that day and who but a coworker with the same novel interests held a new book by Lynsay Sands? I asked her where she got it and she said Wal-Mart! Ugh! I went back at 1am that night and searched every shelf. I just so happened to come across the last one, tucked behind a few other novels (someone was probably hiding it but I grabbed it…gotcha!).¬† I read it in it’s entirety the next day. That is how dedicated I am to this author.

Now that you know how biased I am…on to the review. I must admit, I was very disappointed with this story. I’m not sure if it’s because this is like the…25th book in the series and she just ran out of things to come up with but…it wasn’t very good. I gobbled up the first few pages as the introduction of characters had me hooked, per us. I loved the opening scene. Closer to the middle of the book I had became irritated with the main female’s disposition. She just didn’t sit well with me. The main¬†male definitely was on my good side. It wasn’t an issue of not being able to relate to the story, or that her usual prose was¬†decommissioned. It was just that¬†it seemed a little unrealistic; which is funny¬†regarding a series about¬†‘good’ vampires searching for their life mates but nevertheless it was¬†true.



By the end of the story I was so fed up with the book that it felt more like I was reading it just to finish. I have a (bad) habit of throwing books that I dislike and had I been at home or in a private place it definitely wouldn’t have been throw worthy. I was dissatisfied, intrigued and confused at the same time.

I saw that the author has another book in the series coming out soon and for the first time I’m a little apprehensive.¬†Lynsay! Please come back to me! Come towards the light! If my writings aren’t good enough to be read you at least have to give me something to hope for the future!

Please…no more like About A Vampire. There, I think I got it out of my system. ūüôā

Happy Readdance!



Book Review: Black Moon Draw by Lizzy Ford

Hey All!

I must admit that I wasn’t exactly sure how this story would turn out. I found it on a free website and definitely thought it was going to be one of those unedited, unapologetically overdramatic novels with a bad plot. It wasn’t! I loved it. I laughed a bunch in the beginning, I had a few tears in the middle and I sat up with strong anticipation at the end.

I think that Lizzy Ford is an imaginative writer just for HAVING this idea! I enjoyed it thuroughly. I read some of the feedback the story had in the comments section and there were mixed reviews. Fortunately, I wasn’t disuaded by those who weren’t too thrilled with the story and I ended up getting a great treat! It didn’t take me too long to read the novel. The plot was twisting and turning but not so much that it didn’t flow. The description of this world in Black Moon Draw was so gorgeously said that I would want to visit even the dilapedated parts.



I would definitely incourage you to read this story and have added a link below. If you are looking for an emotionally charged story with adventure, minimal sexual content, hilarious dialogue and a whole lot of magic then this is the story for you!


Here’s a link to the story so you can go and check out how awesome it is for yourself!