Movie Review: O With This Ring


Ok, so I was actually surprised by this movie. I know I say that a lot about books and movies but it’s true. You guys probably think “Darn…this woman really doesn’t know what she’s getting out of anything. That’s not true…I just haven’t really had much faith in cinematography and in literature as of late. I think about it all the time and yet the more movies i watch the more I’m surprised about which actor played what part. This movie was like that.


If you mixed a cheesy romantic comedy, a slightly theatrical drama and the scoring of a B-rated film you would get this movie. Now, one of the surprising parts is that it messed well! I laughed at funny parts, I said ‘what?’ to some other parts and I hung my head in a sad form of shame at others. My kind of B-rate. The other thing that surprised me is that the movie was made in 2015. All these actors and actresses are currently extremely famous. I feel like a group of really great actors and talented women came together to donate to charity by making a movie paid for by the bills of poor single mothers.

That sounds harsh and very negatively descriptive but don’t get too upset yet. It worked out. By the end, I was satisfied with the way it went and wouldn’t mind watching the movie again if I was looking for something that I didn’t have to pay too much attention to. I do like how unpredictable the movie was. Usually with B-types you can pick out what’s going to happen, to who it’s going to happen or generally have an idea of how the persons life could get worse. I was actually happy with the odd turn of events by mid movie. So…thank you Nzingha Stewart for that little delectable piece of movie.


Did I mention that the women in this movie are just…fabulously beautiful!


P.S. I know that I always use words that would most likely go better with food descriptions but no…I’m not crazy. I’m just constantly hungry and everything sounds delicious


Next movie: The Judge

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