Movie Review: The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

So, I just saw this movie (night before last) and I liked it a lot.

I must admit that initially I didn’t know what to expect. I’d seen the previews of it and i thought ‘Hmm…that seems pretty interesting’ but nothing to serious. Of course, apart of me wanted to see the movie because the beautiful Henry Cavill is in it. In the end, I saw different previews of it and thought it all together seemed like a decent movie.

The part that actually sold me on the movie was when i was sitting in the theater to watch another movie and I cam early enough to catch First Look. There were doing a short little behind the scenes moment when the director, Guy Ritchie, was talking about the idea for the movie. He’d said he loved the old classical spy movies; that old school type. He talked about the James Bond movies and their kind of handsome, smooth way of showing the life of a spy (obviously these are my words but you get the point!). I definitely am a James Bond fan and if anything could get me to watch something it would be in comparison that him.  MV5BMTc2NjQ4ODYyNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODA3OTU5NTE@._V1_SX214_AL_

So, now on to the actual movie! The cast of this movie was so well put together! The chemistry between Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer and Alicia Vikander was just genius. The dichotomy between Cavill’s version of spy and Hammer’s fight against his own anger was just beautiful. I believed these characters, believed what they were trying to do and I believe Ritchie achieved what he wanted in a “new” classic spy movie. I also thought Hugh Grant was pretty good in the movie. I liked his character a lot. There were so many parts in the movie that made you laugh, regardless if you were supposed to or not; it was amazing.

I also loved the cinematography of the movie. The cut scenes, the way it was set up was so old school. The entire movie I just kept thinking that James Bond was going to come running from one side of the screen and shoot someone. The costumes, the cars, the boats, everything fit in with the era and settled well with the actors. There were so many potential story turns and twists that I just wanted to laugh and clap with glee. Call me crazy but this is probably one of my favorite movies this year (that’s saying alot! I’ve seen so many).

Anyway! I encourage anyone who is looking for a little shooting, a little romance, a little fighting and great humor to go see this movie. I would definitely go see this movie multiple times over and can’t wait until it comes out on DVD! Cudos to Guy Ritchie and the cast, this one hits my list every time.


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