Movie Review: Jupiter Ascending

So…can I just stop for a second a do a movie review?

I actually saw a bunch of reviews for this movie when it first came out and was surprised how bad they were. It seemed that people, in general, thought it was horrible. I also know, previous to watching the movie, that people think Channing Tatum isn’t that great of an actor. I’ve heard that if he isn’t using that gorgeous body of his, he is useless. I also know that i may very well be a fan of the abs, dancing and hot voice but i like him. Unfortunately, I believe that he wasn’t very good in this movie. There were too many holes in the acting. Often times the action threw me off, especially with the horribly placed slow motion parts. I also was just too unfocused on the story.

So, there were a few parts that I absolutely loved about the movie! I loved the fact that when they have to go get her entitlement filed it was just like on earth. The workers there were likened to those at the DMV and other government places. You stand in line all day, no matter what time you came, you get tossed back and forth to different departments before you find the right one and then you have to do it all over again. I thought it was hilarious and enjoyed that scene very well. I also think it was beautiful while we were in a different world experiencing different things we were seeing the comparisons between the planets and earth.Jupiter Ascending

I thought that the love story between Jupiter and Caine was a bit forced. I do like that they fell in love, obviously as I’m obsessed with romance novels, but it didn’t mesh well for me. It seemed one moment he was saving her and the next she was coming on to him. As most movies with action and romance they always have the parts where their kissing and the audience is like “COME ON GUYS!! WE DON’T HAVE TIME FOR YOU TO HUG AND MAKE OUT!!!!” this one definitely had its share.

It also seemed weird that the harvesting of humans was a big deal but wasn’t necessarily dealt with. Yes, if she stopped them from taking earth everyone would be happy but as Caine said, there were so many different planets out there.

Overall, I guess I believe they could have done so much more with the story than they did. I also believe they could have gotten rid of a few of the parts as their reasoning for being there seemed to fall through the cracks. I could see a sequel to this movie being great if they do a terrific rewrite and maybe give us more information.


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