Reading and Working


One thing that I noticed about working full time is that it often seems like I never have time to read. When I’m not working, I’m driving to or from work. When I’m not driving or working, I’m eating or sleeping. Any other time is spent with the boyfriend. Ugh, I don’t write or read nearly as much as i want to. Thankfully, I do have a few days off throughout the week and on days that I’ve been scheduled early I can do some quality time by myself.

I have found a new love for cinema as well. I’ve always been interested in movies but the better they get at retelling novels when they go to motion picture the more I’m just…excited. I love all the Nicholas Sparks movies, I love the fiction novels or YA novels like Divergent that have really given me a new look at the transformation.

Anyway! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Reading and Working

  1. What are your feelings on audio books? I never thought I could get into them but, when I was working full time and went back to school, I found some of the books I needed to read for school were available on audio book. I would listen to the book on my commute and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I would save the audio books just for my commute and found myself looking forward to the commute because I wanted to hear more of the story! (And I hate to drive.)


    1. Hi!!! Actually a few reviews back I did one on an audio book. I actually enjoyed it! But I bought that one from like a second hand book store. I’ll have to find others I like! I also believe I downloaded an app for audio books though!


      1. Definitely check out your local library online because ours has hundreds of e-book and audio book titles available to be borrowed. The first audio books I started with were purchased in tandem with an ebook, from Amazon, which has their whispersync feature, which I really like. So I could read the book when I was home, and then switch to the audio version when driving and it would sync up with where I had left off on my Kindle. I’ve gotta go join our local library. Moved out here five years ago and just started buying ebooks rather than making the long drive to the nearest library. Now that they’ve got ebooks I can borrow online, it’s definitely worth the thirty minute drive there to get access.


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