Blog Under Great Construction

Hi All!

So, after doing some extensive research and soul searching I decided to make some changes to the blog. I had some great ideas at first but then after spending some time away I wanted to change all that! I really hope you don’t mind.

As you know, I love to read! I have been reading novel since I was a small child. I’ve always wanted to do something with writing and reading. Now that I’ve started in this avenue of my life I’ve been so happy. Only, it’s hard to keep with the formatting that I’ve been doing. Now, I’m not going to change the reviews or the posts that I’ve already made. I feel it’s important that you guys see my initial regurgitation of  thought. However…I hope you like the new plan!

First, I’m going to get rid of the “Current Read” posts. I figured it will help me stay more focused and lessen the pressure in my mind to finish the book as quickly as inhumanly possible.

Second, I’m going to get rid of the “Initial Review” posts. I know that it’s always great to know what someone thought of a novel from the beginning. Honestly, I should be able to do this in the final review! I also believe it will help with the progression of the review itself as you read! So…goodbye “Initial Review” posts!

Third, I’m going to get rid of the review system that I set up. What I’ve found in the reviews that I’ve already done is that it’s hard to stay in the system when I have mixed views on a novel. Just because if I disliked a book in the beginning and might have given it a lower score and then liked it alot in the end it’s hard for me to really decide which one that gets. So…fly away reviewing system!

I do want to keep the random facts about me and in between posts though! I want you to know my voice, know where I’m coming from when I’m sharing an opinion and all together have a broader experience as a subscriber!

I really hope you enjoy the changes and would appreciate if you like, comment or subscribe to my blog! It will help me greatly and I love to read so I will definitely take in your suggestions!


I'd love to hear your feedback! Comment below!

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