Book Review: The Blackstone Heir by Dani Wade

Hey All!

I thought this was a good book. It was your typical rich guy, with a well hidden heart and a strong tone against a soft hearted but stubborn and strong willed girl thats perfect for him. The mystery behind why she left wasn’t as predictable as you think it would be. She wasn’t just trying to “keep the baby for herself” she was just trying to keep her baby safe and her family together. She’s a strong character with a great heart. I really liked her although on some occasions I, too, wanted to strangle her.The Black Stone Heir

The MCM was a little upsetting in the beginning. He seemed to think that despite her want to protect their child, she purposely wanted him never to have anything to do with the baby. This isn’t true at all and in inference, she would have been grateful for the help he could have provided.

I do absolutely love her family and their want to protect her from the “big, handsome, wolf”. He was a little temperamental and angry in the beginning but eventually got over it. He ends up being a very likable character.

I’d definitely give this novel six stars!


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