Final Review: Princess’s Secret Baby (Possible spoiler?)


So I’m not going to say that I exactly liked this book. It started off pretty good and following the plot from the synopsis but that about does it. I know that the MCF, Leila, is a princess but darn if the author didn’t make her too much of one. She has everything a stereotypical princess would have and yet, she wasn’t likable.Princess's Secret Baby

In the novel, she gets pregnant by the handsome James Chatsfield, MCM, and of course didn’t tell him she was a princess. That makes sense! Then she spends almost the rest of the book trying to make it seem like he’s a horrible person and she either can’t stand being around him or would never want their child to know him. She spends quite a bit of time trying to cut him out and “do things on her own” but instead of making her seem independent it just made her seem…bitchy. There were times in the story where I just wanted to say “OMG!!! Girl! Get it together!” On the other hand James is a very awesome character. Maybe that is the reason why she seems so bent out of shape.

“I’m going to raise my baby alone.” -Princess Leila

“OUR baby.” James Chatsfield

“I don’t need your help in this.” Princess Leila

“It’s not about what you need. It’s about what the baby needs.” James Chatsfield

The book also makes her stupid. She takes a fourteen (or ten?)year old  birth control pill the night she has sex for the first time, thinking that would keep her from getting pregnant. Later she claims she was on the pill and I’m screaming like…he doesn’t even know how old it was! She doesn’t know how to use a phone and also doesn’t know that he’d been sending her flowers since the night they met. (Where else would they come from? Why didn’t she read the card!?)

“Are you kidding me, Leila?” -James Chatsfield

“Kidding?” – Princess Leila

“You really don’t know how to use an outside line?” –  James Chatsfield

“I just press three and ask for my meals to be sent to me.” Princess Leila

In the end, all went well but I wasn’t really that satisfied; on to the next!

I’d definitely give this novel three stars!

Good Readance,


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