Final Review: Nobody’s Baby But Mine


I actually thoroughly enjoyed this full length novel, it’s about 400 pages long. Surprisingly it didn’t take me long at all to read it. I say surprisingly because I have been doing some major SLACKING in the reading area and it’s been taking me WAAAAAY too long to read books. This novel I finished over night (only took me about five and a half hours) and I didn’t put it down once from beginning to end. I wouldn’t say the book is some overly special, exotic work but I would say that it caught my attention and held it.

I thought it was completely hilarious that the MCF (Main Character Female) Dr. Jane Darling would try and have a baby with a great looking but very dumb man just so her child wouldn’t end up a genius like her. It seems like she does a few things throughout the book that could be said as logical but are really just plain stupid. She’s a full character, has a lot of depth but I must admit I didn’t like her as much as I liked Cal Bonner (MCM)’s grandmother Annie. She’s one of those old people that tell it like it is, knows what she’s talking about and maybe a little more of what she doesn’t. She’s definitely one of those in your face, catch you slipping, grabbing you by the ear kind of characters and I love it!

“I don’t want someone who’s intelligent fathering my child.” “I know that seems strange, but it’s very difficult for a child to grow up being smarter than everyone else.”-  Dr. Jane Darling

Another thing that I loved about this book, that I usually wouldn’t, is that they didn’t take too much stock in the setting. We didn’t have five pages of what a tree, or the house windows, or the grass looked like. She gave simple descriptions and that was really all you needed. I do believe the novel couldn’t been shorter. There were some parts that just seemed like they were unimportant but what book doesn’t have those? All in all the novel was pretty good.

“Tell me your SATs. You owe me that much.” – Dr. Jane Darling

“Maybe fourteen hundred, or somethin’ like that. Mighta been a little lower.” – Cal Bonner

“Don’t ever speak to me again.” – Dr. Jane Darling

“I never told you I was stupid. You just assumed.” – Cal Bonner

“You said ain’t! That first night we were together, you said ain’t twice!” – Dr. Jane Darling

“A little local color. I’m not apologizin’.” – Cal Bonner

I definitely give this book 7 stars! Yay!

Good Readance,


Nobody's Baby But Mine

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