Current Read: Carrying His Secret


I thought I’d do a round of small romance novels! You know, the ones that are very short and are usually headed by Harlequin? I just recently came across a few that were really good and were in the same theme but had some really good storylines to them. Since they are so short I’ll do a quick little review for them and move on!

The third book that I’m doing is called Carrying His Secret by Marie Ferrarella (That is like the funniest but most awesome last name ever!). I had never heard of this author before I picked this book up so I wasn’t sure what to expect.


Elizabeth Shelton found her boss murdered, his son the father of her unborn baby, and herself on the run from a killer. She’s really having one bad day, or few months, depending on how your looking at it. With him she, and their child, will be safe but what she wants, in addition to his protection, is his love.

Good Readance,


Carrying His Secret

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