For the last few weeks I’ve been slacking. In this since I mean, I’ve been reading a lot of books and haven’t been doing the reviews on them. I know, I know, crappy move on my part and now you hate me. Well, that’s all ok. I’ve kind of been having a sort of writers block and then I read Second Nature by Nora Roberts. It really put some things into perspective for me. Her MCM (Main Character Male) is a writer of Horror and Suspense novels. His name is Hunter Brown and he really made me feel like…I wasn’t a writer. In the novel, on being a writer, he says:

On being afraid to “dry up”- “Success is a deity that’s never satisfied. Every time I face that first blank page, I wonder how I’ll ever get through the beginning, middle or end.” When asked ‘How do you?’ he said “I tell the story. It’s as simple and miserably complex as that.

On comment of an unfinished manuscript he states, “If you put your mind to it, you’d have that manuscript finished within a month…the story is your only obligation.”

“Writing, though many disagree, is work.”

On writer’s block- “Writer’s block? There’s no such thing. You push the wall out of the way by working through it. If you don’t believe in something, refuse to believe it exists, it doesn’t, not for you.”

“Every writer believes in what he writes. There’d be no purpose in it otherwise.”

“Telling a story’s an art, writing’s a craft.”

Ok, even though your probably not as in love with this character as I am but there is one thing that Made me fall head over heels. Not too long ago a friend (and roommate) of mine asked me why I wrote. He was trying to give me some motivation and ended up stumping me. I really had no answer. I told him, “I write because I was born to write. Ever since I was younger I’ve been a writer. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t. I just have to write. It’s in my blood, mind, it’s apart of my soul.” In the novel Hunter Brown tells the reporter (MCF) that he was born a writer. In not so exact words, that he was born with the art and made it his choice to craft it. He basically summed up my life.

Anyway! Now that I’m not on my tangent anymore, I’ll tell you the reason for this post! So, due to my inability to write I decided to take a self vacation. One away from everything and from…myself. I’ve spent the last four days with a host from airbnb.com in Cape Coral. It’s on of the most amazing experiences I’ve had thus far. I’ve read, seen beaches, been on an island for the first time, collected some really great shells and been to some really great places. I won’t mention too much how I’m currently sick (worst timing) because it hasn’t inhibited me that much. Since I feel more ‘in the flow’ and ‘in line with oneself’ I figured i’d take all the books i’ve read and upload their reviews.

So…in other words, to sum it all up, look for a plethora of reviews coming soon!

Good Readance,

Jade Elyzabeth

I'd love to hear your feedback! Comment below!

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