Slow Reading and Three Guy Roomies

Ok, ok, ok.

It’s not that it’s taking me a long time to read the book. It’s just taking me a while to actually get to it. Since moving to Florida I’ve started working out with a personal trainer, had job interviews (UGH) and are still trying to integrate myself into my new city and apartment.

You’d think that living with three guys would be more like the TV show New Girl. It is not. I mean, I guess in some ways but for the most part it is not. Although adopted, I still (technically) grew up in a foster home. We had guys but it didn’t prepare me for ADULT guys.

I’ve lived with 1.5 guys before (yes, I say .5) and it was COMPLETELY different. I do like it though, to an extent. I am friends with them. They are great, for the most part (:)).

In conclusion, I must say it is definitely something to get used to. That being said, I will get to the book, Initial Review and Final Review asap!!!

Good Readance!

Jade Jemison