Current Read: Wings of Fire

Hey Guys!

So the reason why I’m able to upload a post naming my current read so quickly is because I already had the novel picked out. I’m very excited to read it. It’s called Wings of Fire by Caris Roane. I absolutely love the series Guardians of Ascension. This is the third book, which is preceded by Ascension and Burning Skies. It took me quite some looking to acquire this novel. The three Barnes and Nobles that were in my area (back in MO) had the first and fourth book but not the second or third. I had to wait for it to be shipped to the store in order to get it.

Luckily, I was patient and I waited it. They both arrived at the same time and I promptly began reading the second book. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with it and finish it, maybe a day or time. Life was moving much to fast at that time and so i’ve decided to do the review on this third one!

I have begun this novel but I am only seven pages in and i’m already liking it! I look

Good Readdance 🙂

Jade Jemison

Wings of Fire by Caris Roane
Wings of Fire by Caris Roane

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