Initial Review: Match Me If You Can


Since I’ve already begun to “listen” to the novel I thought I’d drop a quick initial review. I like it so far. There were some parts that were a little boring but that might’ve been just because I was on a sort of two hour road trip. The reader, Anna Fields, is great! Her many different voices, her smooth cadence and expressive tones are really fun to listen to. Her impression of one character, Brody, is just fantastic with how deep it is. The husky tones of one Portia from a competing match making service is even better! The details are amazing. Susan Elizabeth Phillips has impressed me before with her metaphors.    If I am able to gather a quote for the final review I’ll show exactly what I mean!

I’m glad I decided to show this book and am excited to complete it. If anyone has this novel or the audio feel free to tell me your thoughts!!

Currently Enjoying!

Jade Elyzabeth

Match Me If You Can

I'd love to hear your feedback! Comment below!

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