Current Read: Wings of Fire

Hey Guys!

So the reason why I’m able to upload a post naming my current read so quickly is because I already had the novel picked out. I’m very excited to read it. It’s called Wings of Fire by Caris Roane. I absolutely love the series Guardians of Ascension. This is the third book, which is preceded by Ascension and Burning Skies. It took me quite some looking to acquire this novel. The three Barnes and Nobles that were in my area (back in MO) had the first and fourth book but not the second or third. I had to wait for it to be shipped to the store in order to get it.

Luckily, I was patient and I waited it. They both arrived at the same time and I promptly began reading the second book. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with it and finish it, maybe a day or time. Life was moving much to fast at that time and so i’ve decided to do the review on this third one!

I have begun this novel but I am only seven pages in and i’m already liking it! I look

Good Readdance 🙂

Jade Jemison

Wings of Fire by Caris Roane
Wings of Fire by Caris Roane

Final Review: Match Me If You Can (SPOILER)


I did like this audio book…more so in the beginning than in the end. You know when you have that character that has always been adorable, sweet, and honest throughout the entire story? The main character female is like that. Unfortunately, the script flips really quick. I’m not one that always needs my heroines to be strong, straightforward and independent but I hate it when they are too dramatized. This main character goes from being an adorably, completely orthodox redhead with a bad case of awkwardness to emotionally helpless.

She spends the last few chapters of the book mopping over someone who is actually in love with her but she’s too stuck in her own mind to see it. Yes, in the beginning he was looking for a wife who “complemented” him but in the end he’d truly fallen in love. After apologizing and even speaking the golden words “I LOVE YOU” she still wouldn’t give in. He’d been honest, completely abandoned all that made him up as a person just to show that he truly wanted to marry her and she still refused to believe.


She then began doing that thing that annoys me beyond all outs. She started giving him reasons, excuses really, of why he just COULDN’T love her. Her hair was too bad and curly, she wasn’t as beautiful as his other modeling candidates and they barely got along. These, while possibly true, made me totally turn off from the novel. I felt that he’d already paid his penance and he’d already ‘begged’ her back. Now he has to convince her that all her horrible attributes were the exact reasons he fell in love with her? I could barely finish the rest of the novel. The author just took it too far and it fell out of the realm of reality.

Only once she’s run away again and taken advice from someone she would have NEVER previously listen to does she finally give in. The reason she gives in to marrying him doesn’t fit into the scene or story plot either. Yes, it hinted as something resembling a previous conflict but it didn’t OVERSHADOW him loving her and proving it.

I would recommend audio books but I’m on the fence as to whether I’d really recommend this to someone!

I’d give Match Me If You Can three stars.

Jade Jemison

My Movement to Florida from Missouri!


I finally completed my move to Florida from Missouri! I arrived, after a two day journey, yesterday on Monday. We stopped off in Chattanooga, Tennessee so that we wouldn’t have to drive the 18 hours straight. It was pretty fun! My friend is traveling with me, thank God, and it’s been a blast. We are chilling at my new apartment for a few days before taking a trip down to Miami Beach! This will be the first time I’ve ever been to a real beach! I’m beyond excited!

I’d always dreamed that I’d move to a bigger city, something different. I was finally presented with the opportunity and ran with it. I’m currently looking for jobs in my area but i transferred one of my positions to Florida so i’m not extremely pressed right now. I am looking for administrative/assistant, human resources, copywriting or content writing positions. I’m so happy with this decision I’ve made! We shall see how things turn out!

I will admit that I completed my last novel (Match Me If You Can) to review before I’d even left Missouri. I just hadn’t had time to really upload a final review. Which I will do ASAP!

Looking forward to seeing what Orlando has to offer!

Happy Travels!

Jade Jemison

Initial Review: Match Me If You Can


Since I’ve already begun to “listen” to the novel I thought I’d drop a quick initial review. I like it so far. There were some parts that were a little boring but that might’ve been just because I was on a sort of two hour road trip. The reader, Anna Fields, is great! Her many different voices, her smooth cadence and expressive tones are really fun to listen to. Her impression of one character, Brody, is just fantastic with how deep it is. The husky tones of one Portia from a competing match making service is even better! The details are amazing. Susan Elizabeth Phillips has impressed me before with her metaphors.    If I am able to gather a quote for the final review I’ll show exactly what I mean!

I’m glad I decided to show this book and am excited to complete it. If anyone has this novel or the audio feel free to tell me your thoughts!!

Currently Enjoying!

Jade Elyzabeth

Match Me If You Can

Current Read: Match Me If You Can!

Hey Guys!

I decided to do something a little different this time. I’ve never actually listened to an audio book! While walking through The Dusty Bookshelf in Lawrence, Kansas I decided to snag one for myself. I chose a novel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips called Match Me If You Can. Of course this novel is taking a shorter amount of time to complete. I’ve been listening to it while packing my apartment things and cleaning.

One of the funniest things about audio books is that the woman who reads the novel uses different speaking voices. It really cracks me up how she does her manly voices. Yes, I must stay I was strongly misguided in my opinion of audio books and I might just do a few of them for reviews.

Match Me If You Can

Thanks guys!

Jade Elyzabeth

Final Review: Killing Floor

Hey Ya Guys!!

I am sorry about the long await! I’ve spent an enormous amount of time not working and packing clothes for when i move to Florida next week. Reading has not been my top priority but I was able to finish the novel. I must admit, Lee Child is definitely a genius! I love the novel, his writing style and the composure of the sentences. A review wouldn’t be a review at all without a few of my favorite quotes from the novel!

He was pounding me with short jabs to the arms and chest. I was jammed back between two sinks. The mountain of lard pressing up. Nowhere to hit him. Except his eyes. I jammed my thumb into his eye. Hooked the tips of my fingers in his ear and squeezed. My thumbnail popped his eyeball sideways. I pushed my thumb in. His eyeball was nearly out. He was screaming and pulling my wrist. I held on.”*

The way Child uses short choppy sentences to express emotion is just short of masterly. Metaphors and similes in the novel are far beyond anything I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure if thats just me being weird or that he actually sat down and thought of the most awkward things to compare his plights to.

We skirted the city on a raised ribbon of concrete. We passed near the airport. I found my way back to the poor part of town. It was nearly seven thirty in the morning. The place looked pretty good in the soft morning light. The low sun gave it a spurious glow. I found the right street, and the right house, crouching inoffensively behind its hurricane fencing.”*

I love the Jack Reacher series and look forward to reading more novels by Lee Child. It’s almost unbelievable that he didn’t start writing until he was 40 years old.** From post experiences we’ve seen that writers can be of many ages. Philip Pullman was 16, Dora Lessing published at 31 and Doris Page published her debut novel at 93.***

In a nutshell, yes I would recommend this novel to just about anyone. I’m not yet sure, other than Fiction, which genre this would fall into. There is a little bit of action, little romance and a little emotional darkness.

I give Killing Floor seven stars!

*Child, Lee. Killing Floor. New York: Jove Books, 1997. Print.