Eating and One-Hand-Reading


So, I will admit that I am guilty of sleep reading. I often find myself so immersed in a novel that I can’t put it down. This, of course, is common amongst us humans. However, I find myself forcing my eyes open when it’s 4am and I appear to have ten pages left. I’m sure this is just a mirage though because I’m sure it wouldn’t take me another two hours to finish those pages. I read, read, read, and then my eyes water, then they burn, itch and well with tears. Fortunately, I retain most of what I’ve read and in the morning I wake up, exhausted, and continue.

I almost did it last night, reading this Jack Reacher novel. I was almost on the edge of sleepiness and holding my eyelids back with sewing thread. I survived though, I feel asleep at a decent hour but I’m still tired. (I was late for work anyway, due to a slight flood in my apartment but…nevertheless)

I moved on to break and lunch time. It’s some point just after 11:18 and I’m pouring two bags of chips out to mix onto a napkin (unhealthy I know!). After a quick jolt of happiness I snatch the novel from my purse and begin my one-hand-reading that I’ve become such an expert at. I never quite knew how strong your hand muscles and fingers were until I began one-hand-reading. (I’ve also become quite an expert at turning the page with that same hand as well!) I often forget to eat and more often than not, I remember to read. Doing them both is just killing two birds with one stone…not that I kill birds or anything.

I work at an Asian Diner on my off times from my full time job and it’s easy, become very easy to read and eat. I’ve given up on grabbing chopsticks and have demoted myself to left hand book and right hand fork. Everyone looks at me funny but…Lee Child is a genius. Not to give any spoilers away but he’s probably one of the best authors I’ve read in a long while…a long while!

Anyway, back to work I go and later, it’s back to one-hand-reading for me.


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