Current Read: Killing Floor!

Hi guys,

As i muddle further into this book reviewing thing, I realize it’s not as fun or as easy as it seems. Deciding which book to read is hard! Being in a bookstore is definitely like being a kid in a candy store! I am looking forward to reading a new book and gaining new experience.

I decided to do a new book that was outside of my genre! I don’t usually change things but I don’t mind trying something new! I’m actually not sure which genre this book falls into and i’m not going to look it up. Tomorrow I’ll jump head first right in!

Since most people have probably seen the Jack Reacher movie that came out in 2012 I’m going to do one of the novels. If you haven’t see it please do! It’s a very good movie! I’m reading the first novel (as it shows on the cover below!!). It’s called Killing Floor and I bought it today at Barnes and Nobles! It was almost the first book that I picked up (more like the third) but once I saw it I immediately knew I want to read it!


The book tells a tale of Jack Reacher, an ex-military policeman, who arrives in Georgia. He gets arrested for murder and is definitely innocent, well, at least this time. Can he prove he didn’t kill anyone? I don’t know! I’ll read and find out!

Happy Reading


Lee Child's Killing Floor
Lee Child’s Killing Floor

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