Current Read: In Bed With A Highlander!


So, I decided to start off the blog with a book very much apart of my own genre. It’s called In Bed with a Highlander by Maya Banks. I am definitely willing to read and review a large variety of genres but I want to at least start in my own. Granted, I read romance novels (as a personal hobby) and historical, paranormal or contemporary are all parts of that. I’m starting it today 01/09/2015 and I will update you guys half way through and then again when I finish so you can see what my thought process is like!

I’m actually pretty excited to start this and I don’t know how long it will take me to read this book. It could be anywhere from a day to a few days.


In Bed with a Highlander is a story about a warrior who is hell bent on revenge and an illegitimate daughter of a king who just might be his warrior heart’s downfall. This book was given to me (just this morning) and I had no idea that it is apart of a series but no matter. Usually these books are almost completely separate anyway! I’m not sure what to expect but historical and Highlander novels usually make me happy so we shall see!

Happy Reading!


In Bed With a Highlander

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